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TurboCAD Professional v10.5 incorporates D-Cubed's 2D Constraint Manager with 2D and geometric constraint management tools for points, lines, circles, and arcs. Any 3D model created from constrained 2D profile will automatically update whenever 2D profile is changed. Software can also convert legacy 2D drawings into geometrically constrained drawings. Features include NURBS-based facet deforming and bi-directional associative dimensioning capabilities.

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IMSI(R) Announces the Release of TurboCAD(R) Professional Version 10.5

Version 10.5 Now Integrates D-Cubed's Two-Dimensional Constraint Manager

NOVATO, Calif., Nov. 15 -- IMSI(R) (BULLETIN BOARD: IMSI) , a leading developer and publisher of precision design, and consumer and business software solutions, today announced the newest version of its flagship product TurboCAD Professional version 10.5. This new version incorporates D-Cubed's powerful two-dimensional Constraint Manager, the industry standard software solution for geometric constraint solving in 2D sketches, and it also includes several additional new and improved drafting and design tools.

There are over 15 new 2D and geometric constraint management tools available for points, lines, circles and arcs in this new version of TurboCAD Professional. With the dimensional constraint tools, mathematical relationships between different dimensions are easily defined, making editing of designs even more efficient. In addition, constrained 2D profiles can serve as the basis for a 3D model. 3D models created from a constrained 2D profile will automatically update whenever the 2D profile is changed. This latest version of TurboCAD Professional can now also convert legacy 2D drawings, including DXF and DWG, into geometrically constrained drawings.

"The decision to license this technology in order to provide advanced constraint solving in TurboCAD creates tremendous value for our customers. It enables IMSI to offer more robust and complete design and manufacturing solutions to the mechanical CAD and CAM markets," said Bob Mayer, executive vice president of IMSI's Precision Design Products Division. "Many of the world's leading CAD/CAM/CAE vendors have integrated D-Cubed's technology into their applications. We feel extremely proud to be able to offer the drafting and design power of this technology in a CAD application priced under $1,000. When combined with the already powerful, photorealistic rendering and ACIS(R)-based, surface and solid modeling capabilities in TurboCAD Professional, D-Cubed's technology makes TurboCAD Professional version 10.5 the best desktop CAD value on the market today," added Mayer.

Other enhancements in TurboCAD Professional version 10.5 include:

-- NEW! Closest distance between 2 parallel lines dimension

-- IMPROVED! Bi-directional associative dimensioning

-- IMPROVED! NURBS-based facet deforming

TurboCAD Professional version 10.5 now offers even more professional tools for mechanical, architectural and industrial product design at a cost that is significantly lower than CAD software with comparable capabilities.

TurboCAD Professional v10.5 is available from IMSI and selected retailers, and will have a suggested retail price of $895. Visit or for more information on the product.

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