Software Suite restores data on PCs.

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InaQuick Rescue Enterprise Suite instantly restores data, applications and operating systems on laptop and desktop personal computers without performing backups or data duplication. IQR allows user or support engineer to restore system to any 1 of 10 checkpointed configurations in seconds. Suite includes IQR Professional(TM) for business PC users, IQR Standard(TM) for PC users within enterprise, and IQR Lite(TM) for users of public or embedded PCs.

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Inasoft Introduces InaQuick Rescue Enterprise Suite(TM), Breakthrough Technology Provides New Level of System Availability

Solution Instantly Restores Data, Applications and Operating Systems on Personal Computers, Laptops

SAN DIEGO, CA, February 10, 2003 - Inasoft today announced the availability of InaQuick Rescue (IQR) Enterprise Suite, a set of software products that instantly restores data, applications and operating systems on laptop and desktop personal computers without performing backups or data duplication. By reducing the cost of PC support labor and downtime, InaQuick Rescue decreases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of enterprise PCs.

PC support costs continue to rise at a time when CIO budgets are under extreme pressure. Maintaining PC availability for distributed data and applications is a costly challenge facing all enterprises today. The problem is compounded by user error, software corruption, virus attacks, failed software installations and the fact that users don't back up. InaSoft's InaQuick Rescue provides enterprises with a flexible, fast, and easy to use solution to these critical problems.

"Laptops and PCs are essential resources and costly assets for enterprises to manage," said Carl Lehmann, Vice President of Meta Group. "The instant restoration of data, applications and operating systems, upon failure, improves IT and user productivity and minimizes the potential for lost revenue due to down time."

IQR recovers a system to a pre-selected point called an IQR Checkpoint(TM). IQR is based on patent-pending technology that allows a user or support engineer to restore a system to any one of ten checkpointed configurations in seconds, without backing up or carrying a duplicate image on the hard drive.

"In addition to reducing PC support costs, the IQR Enterprise Suite of products increases revenue opportunities through the increased availability of laptops and desktop PCs in mission critical environments," said Scott Thorogood, CEO of Inasoft. "Enterprises begin realizing ROI the moment they implement the IQR solution."

IQR Enterprise Suite
Inasoft's IQR Enterprise Suite consists of three products that provide immediate system availability for laptop and desktop users. Each product is uniquely designed to meet the needs of a particular type of deployment.

IQR Professional(TM) is for business PC users and desktop infrastructure support staff who must quickly handle common threats to system availability. This includes enterprises that routinely alter PC system configurations and must have the capability to immediately restore the last "corporate configuration" in case of system failure. IQR Professional provides up to 10 updateable checkpoints. A password protected checkpoint update can be scheduled or set manually and a password-protected restore to a checkpoint is permitted. Checkpoints may be locked and retained as long as required. Another feature of IQR Professional TM is its ability to protect highly confidential corporate data on PCs during business travel. Setting a PC to a "Travel" checkpoint protects sensitive information in the event a PC is stolen or lost while in transit.

IQR Standard(TM) is for PC users within an enterprise as well as desktop infrastructure support staff who handle common system threats and require a flexible, fast and complete system restore mechanism. IQR Standard provides a single user updateable checkpoint that can be restored as needed. Restoring from a password protected checkpoint can be scheduled or enabled manually.

IQR Lite(TM) is for users of public, institutional or embedded PCs such as libraries, kiosks, classrooms and other situations where a static PC software installation must be maintained and where users may not permanently save changes to the PC's hard drive. IQR Lite provides a single checkpoint that is always restored when the PC is booted. A password protected enable/disable function is included.

The IQR Enterprise Suite is currently available. Prices range between $27 and $79, depending on the product and number of seats.

About Inasoft
Inasoft is a venture backed software company headquartered in San Diego, CA. The company's powerful InaQuick Rescue (IQR) solutions enable both users and enterprise IT support organizations to instantly restore data, application software and operating systems on laptop and desktop personal computer (PCs) without performing backups. For more information please see

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