Software Suite optimizes archiving for proactive eDiscovery.

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Mimosa NearPoint(TM) addresses critical requirements around email archiving, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, business continuity, and storage optimization in one unified solution. Capabilities automate information management for active identification, collection, and preservation of user-generated content based on policies. Specifically, value-added applications such as Retention and Classification, Tiered Storage, and File System Archiving optimize eDiscovery.

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Mimosa Delivers Most Comprehensive Email and File Archiving Solution for Proactive eDiscovery

Mimosa NearPoint Automates eDiscovery and Information Management through Proactive Identification, Collection and Preservation of Archived Content

NEW YORK, LegalTech, Feb. 3 -- Mimosa Systems, a leader in next-generation email and file archiving solutions, today announced its comprehensive end-to-end solution for proactive eDiscovery. The Mimosa NearPoint(TM) eDiscovery application suite offers a full set of capabilities designed to automate information management for the active identification, collection and preservation of user-generated content based on policies. With powerful archiving features, combined with value-add applications that optimize eDiscovery, including Retention and Classification, Tiered Storage and File System Archiving, Mimosa NearPoint speeds up the discovery process while reducing information collection and storage costs.

With archived file and email data projected to grow 55 percent CAGR and 73 percent CAGR respectively from 2007 to 2012(1), both storage costs and the operational burdens to manage this volume will be significant. Electronic discovery and information search of the corporate archive are necessitating faster access in order to meet litigation requests and business objectives surrounding information retention and availability. Mimosa Systems is the first to deliver on-demand access to its massively scalable live content archive while decelerating both capital and operational expenses to meet this growing industry demand.

"Mimosa Systems offers customers a unique way to capture, archive and search emails, files, calendar and contact entries in a single unified repository," said Brian Babineau, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "It also indexes this content so that organizations, as well as their in-house or external counsel, can quickly identify relevant information in response to a legal discovery request. The incremental information from the calendar and contact portion of a messaging application provides attorneys invaluable insight that may make or break a particular matter. By archiving email via application log files, Mimosa is able to capture all content that could be relevant during an electronic discovery process, leading to early preparation of case strategy that ultimately results in swift matter resolution or improved trial tactics."

"Mimosa NearPoint File Systems Archiving promises to deliver advanced information archiving for retention, electronic discovery, auditing and access, further aligning our IT systems with core operational requirements," said Information System Supervisor for the County of Madera, Bruce Lorimer. "With the right archiving solution in place, we are more capable of satisfying legal and operational demands for a more compliant and efficient organization."

The Mimosa next-generation content archiving solution for eDiscovery will be demonstrated during LegalTech including:

o Mimosa NearPoint Retention and Classification: Speeds eDiscovery by proactively tagging content based on pre-negotiated key words or phrases. This content can then be automatically placed on legal hold and queued for review.
o Mimosa NearPoint Tiered Storage: Allows organizations to improve access to archived content by migrating relevant content from low cost archive devices to a high speed, high performance equipment in advance of eDiscovery records review.
o Mimosa NearPoint File System Archiving: Is a powerful archiving option that enables users to retain, retrieve and recover critical, free-range files, or images stored on servers, laptops and desktops alongside millions of emails, attachments, and instant messages. Mimosa File Systems Archiving allows legal staff to rapidly identify, collect and preserve both files and email with a single search query, lowering the cost of collection, and facilitating a quick export to downstream review or analytics applications.

"Any organization that has gone through eDiscovery knows what a painful, time-consuming and expensive process it can be. Now, they want to automate as much of the process as possible to lower their costs," said Scott Whitney, vice president of product management for Mimosa Systems. "The Mimosa NearPoint email and file archiving platform and applications like Retention and Classification for automated classification of data give companies a unified platform for eDiscovery readiness that eliminates the fire-fights of reactive eDiscovery."

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About Mimosa NearPoint

Mimosa NearPoint addresses critical customer requirements around email archiving (, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, business continuity, and storage optimization in a unified solution. Mimosa NearPoint proactively captures email, files, and instant messages; and provides legal search workflow, employee supervision, immediate mailbox and message recovery, disaster recovery, and self-service search and access in one solution. By leveraging cost-effective storage and advanced classification rules, NearPoint also optimizes content storage and reduces overall infrastructure costs.

About Mimosa

Mimosa Systems, Inc. delivers next-generation email and file archiving solutions for information immediacy, discovery, and continuity. Mimosa NearPoint is the industry's most comprehensive unstructured information management software solution for email, files, and instant messages, enabling archiving, eDiscovery, storage management, and recovery ( in a unified solution. Mimosa is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recognized for its competencies in networking infrastructure solutions, ISV/software solutions, and advanced infrastructure solutions. Mimosa was founded in 2003 and is based in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Australia, and India. For more information, visit

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(1) Enterprise Strategy Group, Digital Archiving Market Forecast, 2007-2012

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