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Software Suite helps backup data on corporate computers.

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Feb 16, 2009 - DriveClone v6.01 Suite includes email notification of backup/restore success, data shredder which meets U.S. Defense standard, and iSCSI Initiator for access to large capacity iSCSI storage in restoration. Program features RAID and VMware support and allows users to restore computer system from scratch, even without previously installed OS. While Snapshot monitors changes on hard drive sectors, users can restore data to different OSs or dissimilar hardware with Universal Restore.

FarStone Technology - Santa Barbara, CA

Original Press Release

FarStone Releases Powerful DriveClone Suite v6.01 with 100% RAID Compatibility, and User-Friendly Centralized Administration Console. Back up Corporate Computers with a Peace of Mind!

Press release date: Jan 28, 2009

Keep your Data & System absolutely secure with Snapshot, Complete System Backup, File Backup, and Incremental Backup! Innovative New Features include 100% compatibility to RAID 0/1/5/10 and new hardware, Virtual Machine Support, Email Notification, iSCSI Initiator, Data Shredding, Rapid Restore, Cold Backup, Command Batch, Remote Installation

Santa Barbara, CA - January 28, 2009 - Today, FarStone announces the release of their new DriveClone 6.01 Suite. With this newly advanced version of FarStone's reliable backup and recovery software, business users will find that the newly added benefits will make management of data system backup and recovery easier and more efficient.

DriveClone Enterprise Server comes with unique user-friendly options: E-mail notification regarding the success of your backup and restore, a Data Shredder which meets the U.S Defense standard that will effectively wipe out an entire hard drive, and iSCSI Initiator which grants access to large capacity iSCSI storage in restoration. The powerful WinPE engine is 100% compatible with all hardware.

"Losing valuable data due to disasters or human error can be detrimental to a company's success and management. Businesses will find our new DriveClone Enterprise Server to be extremely beneficial to the management of a large number of computers from a remote location" says Thomas Lin, CEO and President of FarStone Technology, "I'm confident that this new suite will flawlessly help with the functionality and security of our clients' networks"

New Features Available in DriveClone 6.01 Suite:
- RAID Support -RAID0/1/5/10/JBOD. Support almost all Raid systems on market
- VMware Support -Save the complete backup image to VMWare disk
- Win-PE engine -100% compatibility to existing hardware and future new hardware
- E-mail Notification: Receive an email regarding the success or fail of your backup.
- Rapid Restore: One-click restoration of backed up data to your original destination
- Cold Backup: Outside Windows, use Complete backup and Incremental backup in any environment
- Post and Pre Commands: Execute commands before or after your virus scans automatically per schedule or manually
- Data Shredding: This unique feature meets the standard for U.S Defense Dept. and it allows you to completely wipe out your hard drive
- ISCSI Initiator: This feature is exclusive to DriveClone Suite and allows you to restore backed up data stored iSCI storage
- Administrative Features: Centrally manage a group or single computer, access your data from a remote location, use PXE boot and recovery support

Other distinguished and popular features:
- Snapshot - constantly monitors changes on hard drive sectors and provides non-stop protection; thus allowing users to instantly restore in case of unforeseen catastrophes
- Universal Restore - allows users to restore to different operating systems or even to dissimilar hardware
- Incremental backup - backs up only files or sectors that have been changed since the last backup, saving both time and space
- Pre-OS recovery environment - in case the PC system doesn't boot, users can restore their system simply by clicking the spacebar
- Easy-to-use interface - "Free of distractions and easy to navigate" says Erik Eckel of TechRepublic
- Bare metal restore - users may restore a computer system from scratch, even without a previously installed operating system

Pricing and Availability:
DriveClone Suite 6.01 includes: DriveClone Pro 6.01 is priced at $59.99, DriveClone Server 6.01 priced at $599; DriveClone Workstation 6.01 priced at $79.99, and DriveClone Enterprise Server priced at $699; available through local resellers or at

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