Software simplifies warehouse storage and retrieval operations.

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FastPic Parts PL(TM) gives operators of automated storage and retrieval systems capability to enter part number into system and have stored items automatically delivered. Software uses installation wizard to create parts inventory by SKU number. It can manage virtually all manual and ASR systems, including shelving and racks, pick light systems, vertical carousels, and vertical lift modules. It interfaces to WMS, LESA, and ERP systems.

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New Fastpic PL Software Streamlines Warehousing Storage and Retrieval Operations

FastPic Parts PL(TM) software from FastPic Systems is an economical approach to improving employee productivity and stock picking accuracy in warehousing storage and retrieval operations.

FastPic Parts PL software gives operators of automated storage and retrieval systems the capability to simply enter a part number into the system and have the stored items automatically delivered to them. The software is designed to be installed quickly and cost effectively using an installation wizard to create a basic parts inventory by stocking keeping unit (SKU) number and quantity. FastPic PL software can also interface to host systems such as WMS, LESA, ERP, and industry-specific parts systems.

This easy-to-use software requires only minimal operator training. Its intuitive graphical interface guides operators through system operation, assuring improved productivity and higher levels of picking accuracy for industrial applications.

FastPic software is designed to manage virtually all manual and automated storage and retrieval systems including shelving and racks, pick light systems, vertical carousels, and VLMs (Vertical Lift Modules). The software can also manage multiple work zones where several different types of storage and retrieval systems are used in a single operation.

An intuitive graphical user interface logically guides operators through commands to give them better control over both automated and manual picking operations. FastPic PL improves operating efficiencies and provides simple upgrading to FastPic4 software and its kitting, receipt processing and dynamic imaging modules and functionality.

The Standard Interface Protocol provides an efficient "plug and play" link between workstation and its host system. With this feature, users can download orders, receipts, and cycle count transactions, and import part and kit numbers.

The software runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000. It supports any TCP/IP network and is SQL/OBDC enabled for easier, faster database connectivity. Features such as bar code scanning, bulk storage management, paper pick lists, pick banding, continuous batch picking, and a wide selection of supervisory reports and options are also available.

FastPic Systems, a company of the Kardex AG of Zurich, Switzerland Group, is a leading developer of software for automated storage and retrieval system operation. This group is a manufacturer and integrator of a broad range of AS/RS technologies including vertical lift modules (VLMs), vertical and horizontal carousels. For more information on FastPic Parts PL software, call 207-854-8663 or visit the FastPic Systems web site at

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