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Offering X Window remote application access solution for Windows® and Linux® desktops, Exceed onDemand® v6 is specifically designed to solve key business issues for mobile organizations in which employees are geographically dispersed, resources and time are limited, and expenses are tightly controlled. It delivers high performance for X11 application display over LAN and WAN while letting users consolidate all computing resources in one application center.

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Open Text's Hummingbird Connectivity® Division Releases Next Generation UNIX Application Delivery Platform

Exceed onDemand(R) 6 Enables Organizations to Reduce Infrastructure Costs and Improve Manageability by Securely Delivering X Applications to Windows(R) and Linux(R) Users

CHICAGO, Feb. 1 -- Open Text(TM) Corporation (NASDAQ:OTEX)(NASDAQ:TSX:)(NASDAQ:OTC), the largest independent provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software and solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Exceed onDemand(R) 6. A component of the Hummingbird Connectivity(TM) family of products, Exceed onDemand 6 offers an innovative X Window remote application access solution for both Windows(R) and Linux(R) desktops specifically designed to solve key business issues for mobile organizations around the world. Hummingbird Connectivity is a division of Open Text.

Exceed onDemand was created for the modern business environment in which employees are geographically dispersed, resources and time are limited, and expenses are tightly controlled. A leader in X Window technologies, Hummingbird Connectivity has built Exceed onDemand 6 as a new generation of technology to deliver high performance for X11 application display over LAN and WAN, as a result of the highly-efficient Thin X Protocol on Windows and Linux desktops.

"Exceed onDemand far outperforms any other product we've used before, especially over low bandwidth connections," said David Joy, CAD/Systems Engineer, Fairchild Semiconductor. "Hands down, Exceed onDemand beats everything over a slower network. I can start a Cadence(TM) session from my desk in Maine (the software resides on a server in another part of the country) and it's almost like being there. It's remarkable compared to what it was like before we deployed Exceed onDemand."

With Exceed onDemand, organizations are better equipped to solve the following key business issues:

- Computing Resource Consolidation - Users no longer need to replicate applications and data in each branch office; they can consolidate all computing resources in one application center. Exceed onDemand helps to maintain fast access for remote users over the Internet.
- Centralized Administration and Control - X application access can now be centrally controlled and monitored regardless of how diverse or decentralized the user base is.
- One-Click X Application Delivery - X application access is delivered with a near-zero footprint to the Microsoft Windows desktop client over the Web. Minimum user interaction is required.
- Freedom of Movement - With Exceed onDemand 6, business users are freed from geographical boundaries. They can freely access X applications from any corner of the globe or transfer sessions from work to home PC at will.
- Project Collaboration - Business application users from different offices, or even continents, can share ideas using Exceed onDemand.
- Real-Time Support - Advanced built-in shadowing capability allows support staff to remotely assist users in real-time and experience problems first hand.
- Grow With the Business - Exceed onDemand can match the growth of a business by scaling with the advanced clustering and intelligent load-balance features.
- Satisfy Corporate Security Requirements - Security is a broad-level strategic priority of most organizations, and Exceed onDemand is designed to integrate seamlessly with the support for Secure Shell, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module).

"Hummingbird Connectivity is committed to helping both Windows and Linux desktop users remove the technical barriers imposed by geographical distance," said Xavier Chaillot, Director of Product Management, from Open Text's Hummingbird Connectivity division. "Consolidated computing resources, streamlined application license usage, centralized application administration, controlled user access, and reduced support cost are all factors that can help drive down operating expenses. Exceed onDemand can help IT managers save money and reinvest their savings in other priority projects."

Hummingbird Connectivity will be demonstrating the Exceed onDemand Client(TM) for Linux at the LinuxWorld 2007 OpenSolutions Summit, which is being held at the Marriott Marquis, New York, from February 14-15, 2007. Visit Hummingbird Connectivity at booth # 49. For more information on the event visit:

Availability: Exceed onDemand 6 is immediately available.

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