Software sends email directly to printer.

Press Release Summary:

Automatic Print Email v2 lets companies receive orders, reports, and other documents directly on printer. Able to connect to mail services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Verizon, and Orange, it checks e-mail inbox at regular interval and automatically prints new mails and attachments without downloading them in mail software. Users can define rules which change printer according to type of email or automatically remove emails that contain specific keywords.

Original Press Release:

Namtuk Release Automatic Print Email Version 2 Useful Software to Notify and Print Mails Like a Fax.

Namtuk released Automatic Print Email version 2. This handy software is targeted at all persons who don't check their mails at regular interval or for company to receive orders, reports, and all documents directly on the printer exactly like a fax can do.

This software checks at regular interval your e-mailbox and automatically prints the new mails and attachments (file joined like acrobat PDF, Word, Excel,...) without downloading them in the mail software (Like Outlook, Pegasus, Thunderbird...). You can define rules which change the printer according to the type of email or even automatically remove your emails which contain keywords.

Very easy to use it can connect to all majors' mail services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Verizon, Orange ...

To learn more about Automatic Print Email, visit or

Pricing and Availability
Automatic Print Email is sold only $39.90 and all updates are free. The software is available since the September 13th, 2006 via ESD only.
Orders may be placed via the Namtuk Web site (

About Namtuk
Namtuk is a software company which provides easy to use software for large public and development tools for developers using Microsoft Visual Studio.
Namtuk has received numerous awards from Web for the quality of the products and the technical support.
The company has been founded by individuals who had formerly worked for various dotcoms. We strive to provide our customers with products that meet their precise needs. We also refrain from adding useless features to our software just to make the specification sound impressive. With our products, what you need is what you get.
The option to purchase the source code for each product is the guarantee of optimal security and zero future problems. We can also customize each application for specific needs.

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