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Software securely manages design collaboration.

Press Release Summary:

EMBRACE Collaborative Workspace v5.0 seamlessly captures structured and unstructured communication across enterprise, enabling real-time, enterprise-wide collaboration and communication with peers, managers, customers, and partners. It allows users to organize, edit and share documents such as 2 and 3D CAD, as well as office and graphics packages using web-based technology. Components include Collaborative Studio, Document Director, Desktop Studio, and Process Director.

Original Press Release:

NetVendor Unveils EMBRACE Collaborative Workspace 5.0

One instantly-deployable solution for efficiently and securely managing design collaboration across the enterprise, regardless of method or scope

Atlanta, GA, November 12, 2002 - NetVendor(tm), a leading provider of collaboration software, today announced the general availability of EMBRACE Collaborative Workspace 5.0, a solution that seamlessly captures both structured and unstructured communication across the enterprise - enabling real-time, enterprise-wide collaboration and communication with peers, managers, customers and partners.

NetVendor developed EMBRACE Collaborative Workspace 5.0 for product designers and managers dissatisfied with lengthy product design cycles and the abundant cost and confusion of collaborating around CAD-like documents of different formats. Unlike typical product lifecycle management (PLM) and product data management (PDM) packages offering costly and cumbersome solutions, EMBRACE is an easy-to-use, affordable solution that helps companies improve product design and project execution by allowing them to securely manage documents and related communication in one, web-based, immediately-deployable application.

According to NetVendor President and CEO Sean McCloskey, "EMBRACE Collaborative Workspace allows users to securely organize, edit and share documents such as 2 and 3D CAD as well as various office and graphics packages using feature-rich, web-based technology. EMBRACE enables companies to drastically improve upon efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance their ability to bring products to market."

EMBRACE Collaborative Workspace 5.0 is comprised of four innovative components, including: Collaborative Studio, Document Director, Desktop Studio and Process Director. All of these application components combine to enable users to collaborate amongst themselves and various business partners seamlessly, in real-time or separately, regardless of method or scope.

Collaborative Studio - innovative collaboration tools that bring users around the globe together by allowing participants to view, redline and conduct real-time meetings around documents. Fast, detailed zooming, rotation, 3D pan, and cross-section are among the viewing capabilities. Collaborative Studio allows users to save asynchronous markups and notes, making it easy to include customers and suppliers in the design process, enhancing knowledge transfer between all critical parties. Document Director - a secure, online document library that balances security and accessibility by providing a central location where engineers, salespeople, customers and suppliers can easily obtain current product and project-related files using a web browser. Features such as access control, version control, non-native viewing, and parametric searching provide users with confidence that the information accessed is the latest version. Designated users can easily manage and access product information, including 3D computer-aided design (CAD) models, CAD drawings, office files and graphics, which also can be linked to a project, product or customer.

Desktop Studio - self-contained, "pack and go" client software, which resides on the user's desktop and allows him/her to review, write notes and edit documents off-line and synchronize those files with the server-side Document Director and Collaborative Studio components at a later time. A perfect companion to the Document Director and Collaborative Studio components, Desktop Studio enables advancement of collaborative processes, regardless of the user's location.

Process Director - the key to unlocking the full capabilities of EMBRACE to all users, regardless of role. Process Director drives document and design collaboration by managing and automating the work steps associated with document iterations. Process Director streamlines key business processes by efficiently routing tasks, documents and information between people and systems. Common processes such as change requests, non-conformance reporting, sub-contractor design approvals, etc., can be expertly captured in a predefined workflow process initiated directly from the workspace. Additionally, process management tools allow managers to analyze how work is performed and make real-time adjustments, as needed.

EMBRACE Collaborative Workspace 5.0 Feature Summary:

- Detailed viewing of 2- and 3D CAD, office docs and graphics files

- Real-time conferencing and collaboration tools

- 3D model viewing allows for component and subcomponent assemblies

- Fast, detailed zooming via a web browser helps users pinpoint specific information

- Workflow automation tools

- Secure document library

- Version control

- Easy-to-use layering and markup capabilities

- User access control

- Check-in/Check-out

- Attribute searching

- URL directly linked to file systems

- Essential tracking, event monitoring and audit trail capabilities

- Document history

- File acquisition and interfaces to legacy data

- Multi-language

- Interfaces to Microsoft Project 2002

- Scalable to meet current and future requirements

NetVendor's EMBRACE Collaborative Workspace helps engineering and manufacturing companies improve product design collaboration and project execution by allowing them to review, edit and securely capture product and project information in one immediately-deployable application, which combines state-of-the-art document management features with robust workflow and collaboration capabilities.

About NetVendor Inc.

NetVendor is a leading provider of collaboration software, offering state-of-the-art document management solutions to the engineering and manufacturing industries. NetVendor's EMBRACE Collaborative Workspace helps companies reduce costs and automate business processes by enabling workflow, document management and engineering collaboration through an immediately deployable software solution.

Founded in 1996, NetVendor is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For additional information, contact NetVendor at 800-953-5606 or 404-836-7836, or visit

NetVendor and EMBRACE Collaborative Workspace are registered trademarks of NetVendor Inc. All other product names and companies referenced herein are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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