Software rescues Windows systems after complete crash.

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Working with Windows NT4/2000/XP/Server 2003, O&O BlueCon v6 features computer management function and other tools that help get damaged Windows system up and running without any new installation or loss of data. All original Microsoft drivers are included within its Windows PE (Preinstalled Environment), and administrators have complete access to important Windows settings in systems targeted for recovery as soon as it is started.

Original Press Release:

O&O BlueCon V6: Rescues Systems When the Going Gets Tough

A total crash of the Windows system is every administrator's worst nightmare. It is in such emergencies where O&O BlueCon V6 comes to the rescue. When all else fails, O&O BlueCon V6 provides the necessary tools to get access to the system again.

BERLIN, Oct. 9 -- There is barely a disaster much worse that can hit a computer: the system has crashed badly and Windows will no longer boot up. To install the system anew would result in a total loss of data - a nightmare scenario.

The new O&O BlueCon V6 comes to the rescue in an emergency. The program contains software for complete system recovery, and is based on an original Windows PE operating system. This system enables O&O BlueCon V6 to start direct from the CD - there is no need for the creation of an emergency start CD or to install a program. Complex driver integration for the hardware is also not required as all the original Microsoft drivers are already included within Windows PE (Preinstalled Environment).

As soon as O&O BlueCon V6 is started, the administrator has full, unfettered access to the most important Windows settings in the systems targeted for recovery. With the RegistryEditor administrators can edit the settings in the Registry database. The FileExplorer enables the backing-up of important files - onto an external hard disk, for instance. A computer management function and many more tools all help to get a damaged Windows system up and running - with absolutely no new installation or loss of data. Thanks to a Windows-based interface with mouse support, operating the individual programs is made a simple and pleasant experience.

Frank Alperstaedt from O&O Software: "Until now, anyone losing or forgetting their Windows password had to re-install Windows. With O&O BlueCon V6 administrators can delete or amend passwords for local user accounts without having to know the old password."

Rescue Data With the O&O RescueBox

The advanced editions of O&O BlueCon version 6 also include the entire data recovery portfolio from O&O Software. The programs O&O DiskRecovery V4, O&O FormatRecovery V4 and O&O UnErase V4 are all included in delivery.

Be it through the accidental formatting of a data storage medium or through a virus attack, these data recovery solutions help to recover important data that on the face of it appears to have been permanently deleted. Thanks to the data recovery solutions included, it is also possible to restore data from newly installed operating systems.

This works the other way, too: The included O&O SafeErase enables files, partitions or entire hard disks to be so securely deleted that not even professionals are in a position to recover the original data.

Important Features at a Glance:
-- Software starts direct from CD, with no prior installation required
-- Windows User Interface with full mouse support
-- O&O EventViewer to display system events
-- O&O RegEdit to edit the registry database
-- O&O UserManager to apply, delete and change users and passwords
-- O&O SystemRecovery to activate System Restore Points under Windows XP
-- Integrated Web Browser
-- O&O DeviceManager to delete, change or add drivers
-- Checkdisk function to monitor the hard disk
-- O&O SystemInformation for detailed system information
-- O&O FileExplorer for all important file operations
-- Network support selectable at any time

System Requirements and Versions

O&O BlueCon V6 was developed for Windows NT4, 2000, XP and Server 2003. The cost of the full version starts at USD 149.95. It can be ordered over the internet but the boxed product with printed instruction booklet is also available from specialized retailers.

Important: O&O BlueCon V6 is available in three editions: Personal, Admin and Tech. The Personal Edition is a single computer license and does not include the data recovery software. The Admin Edition (USD 699.00) contains a person-bound license for use on a company's own hardware. For retailers and companies providing appropriate services, the Tech Edition (USD 1199.00) is available as a Service license.


About O&O Software

O&O Software GmbH has been developing "Tools for Windows" since 1997. Customers include home users, SMEs, public institutions and global business groups. These tools are effectually sold directly and by using our partner network and are available in more than 50 countries. The product portfolio includes applications for performance optimization, data restoration and the secure deletion of data. O&O products have been judged as technologically leading in numerous tests. You can find more information and free trial versions of all products on our website. O&O's products include O&O BlueCon, O&O CleverCache, O&O Defrag, O&O DiskRecovery, O&O DriveLED, O&O FormatRecovery, O&O RescueBox, O&O SafeErase, O&O ToolBox, and O&O UnErase.

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