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Newsfeed Server v2 brings important headlines from Web and internal websites, as well as information from Sharepoint and Excel files, to employees' attention by publishing it on PC screens, kiosks, and digital signage. On computer screens, content may be displayed as screensaver, desktop presentation, or pop-up alert message to help keep staff updated on crucial (corporate) information. Examples include real-time sales statistics, production figures, quotes, quotations, and graphs.

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'Digital Signage Dashboard' for Continuous and Effective Companywide Communication of Numbers and Graphs

Netpresenter Newsfeed Server v2 automatically updates staff by bringing Excel data to PC and large screens

New York, February 3, 2009 - Netpresenter, communication software vendor and the company behind AMBER Alert Netherlands, introduces the 2nd version of its Newsfeed Server. This software solution simplifies the process of keeping staff updated on crucial (corporate) information. The most important headlines from the Web and internal websites, as well as information from Sharepoint and now also Excel files can be brought to the attention of employees. Automatically publishing the data on all screens: as a PC screensaver, desktop presentation or pop up alert message published directly on all PC monitors, but also on kiosks and large screens (Digital Signage). The dashboard functionality allows companies to keep everyone informed of for example sales statistics, production figures, quotes, quotations and graphs - in real time, all the time.

"With Newsfeed Server v2 effective internal communication does not have to cost any time at all. All the major news - from the internet, internal website, Sharepoint portal and now also Excel files - can be automatically displayed on all large Plasma & LCD screens, kiosks or PC screens. The ideal way to reach employees quickly, without interrupting the work process," says Frank Hoen, Netpresenter CEO.

"Everyone knows 'e-mails to all' are disrupting and are not very well read. To prevent having to send to many of these productivity killers, companies often have an internal website. Unfortunately most employees forget to regularly check these internal websites. But some news needs to be seen by all, immediately. Especially when the news is critical to your business. Take news on new regulation or product recalls for instance. And how about internal stats on sales and customer calls - very important to foster interdepartemental interest and to strengthen commitment to the company, which is in turn important because committed staff performs better and is more likely to stay with the company. In the majority of the companies, this information is locked in hard to access Excel files. With Netpresenter Newsfeed Server v2, companies can automatically communicate continuously updated information from Excel files to all employees - numbers and stats, but also graphs and charts," explains Hoen.

Apart from the Excel feature, allowing automatic publication of Excel files, Netpresenter has implemented a number of bandwidth saving measures in the new Newsfeed Server and improved the user interface following user feedback.

More information on Netpresenter Newsfeed Server v2, can be found on the website:

About Netpresenter
Netpresenter provides innovative communication software helping organizations to easily get their message across to employees and customers - using PC monitors, large LCD/ plasma screens and/or mobile devices. Because the same information is brought to the attention time and time again, in the form of PC screensaver, PC desktop, mobile phone or Digital Signage messages, it is seen and remembered better.

Apart from greatly improving (internal) communications, the software drives traffic to the intranet and solves e-mail stress and information overload issues. And as the same system can be used to warn everyone effectively and immediately in case of an emergency, it also improves staff's and visitor's safety.

Netpresenter solutions are already used by 1 million users working at multinationals worldwide, including Sony, Nokia and DSM. But with prices starting at 75 USD a month, or 995 USD for a one time purchase, the company also provides easy and affordable (hosted) Digital Signage solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

Netpresenter is also responsible for AMBER Alert Netherlands, a crossmedial system used by the Dutch police to alert all Dutch citizens when a child has been kidnapped or gone missing. The system simultaneously alerts all via text messages, e-mail, PC screens (screensaver or pop-up), Digital Signage screen (presentation or pop-up), Instant Messaging, Website Alert (Flash), newsfeed, etc. Netpresenter fully sponsors the development and maintenance of AMBER Alert Netherlands.

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