Software provides visibility, labor, and yard management.

Press Release Summary:

MOVE 7i warehouse management system monitors, manages, and synchronizes fulfillment processes within individual warehouses and across distribution networks. Yard Manager enables companies to schedule and prioritize arrival of inbound shipments. Labor module uses real-time data to plan inbound and outbound workloads based upon available resources in distribution center. Alerts module monitors events across MOVE 7i, providing notification via e-mail, pager, or fax.

Original Press Release:

Optum Delivers New Flagship Warehouse Management Solution

MOVE 7i Provides Manufacturers and Distributors New Visibility, Labor and Yard Management Tools To Take Control of Their Warehouse Operations

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. and CHICAGO, ILL. (May 22, 2002) - Today at D/C Expo, Optum, Inc. unveiled MOVE 7i, a major new release of its warehouse management system (WMS) for monitoring, managing, and synchronizing fulfillment processes within individual warehouses and across distribution networks. With MOVE 7i, Optum delivers the most sweeping set of warehouse management product enhancements in company history, providing advanced inventory visibility, labor and yard management tools to help companies run more profitable and responsive fulfillment operations - musts in today's economy, and a prerequisite for success in collaborative trading communities.

Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) compliant, Internet-enabled, and
boasting a new, intuitive graphical user interface, MOVE 7i offers a "zero-footprint client,". -making the application easier to use, implement, integrate and upgrade, and reducing total cost of ownership. Primary among the system's major enhancements is MOVE 7i Visibility, a new product which provides companies a centralized view of order, inventory and fulfillment activity at each distribution center, enabling them to maximize the efficiency of their supply chains. For example, logistics managers can now look across multiple facilities to direct a supplier shipment to the optimal location based on actual need, while customer service representatives can ensure inventory
availability at order inception to set realistic delivery expectations.

In the April 26, 2002 AMR Research Alert on Supply Chain Management, warehouse management specialist Michael Bittner noted: "Optum was able to navigate 2001 relatively unscathed by balancing core competencies in its WMS and its future aspirations for extended supply chain visibility and collaborative systems. Upcoming new releases of the MOVE WMS suite are the rewards of this strategy, with strong horizontal and vertical functionality improvements." (Source: AMR Research: "Optum Moves Forward With Balanced Investments").

Overall, MOVE 7i delivers major productivity enhancements across
several modules, including:

MOVE 7i WMS: MOVE 7i builds upon the strong foundation of Optum's core WMS, which currently powers fulfillment operations at over 700 end-user sites. With MOVE 7i WMS, Optum delivers a browser-based user interface, fundamentally improving how users interact with the system and how companies deploy it. This "zero footprint client" slashes administration costs and enables user access from any web-enabled PC and RF device. The system provides n-extensible language, supporting global implementations.

MOVE 7i Yard Manager: Many warehouse operations have as much activity in the yard as they do in the warehouse. Move 7i Yard Manager's full integration with Move 7i WMS enables company's to schedule and prioritize the arrival of inbound shipments to ensure personnel, space and equipment are optimally utilized.

MOVE 7i Labor: Maximizing the utilization of labor and equipment is critical to controlling costs. Using real-time data from MOVE 7i WMS, MOVE Labor plans inbound and outbound workloads based upon available resources in the distribution center and reports productivity, order fill rate, and product velocity. It also provides historical visibility into supply chain operations, particularly important to companies impacted by seasonal spikes.

Move 7i Alerts: Warehouse operations are dynamic environments that rely on real-time information to operate efficiently and meet all order delivery requirements. Move 7i Alerts monitors events across MOVE 7i,providing notification to the right people via e-mail, pager or fax. Examples of typical alerts include notifying: a) customers their shipments have left the warehouse, b) vendors their shipments have been received, c) a warehouse supervisor that an order slated for pickup in an hour has fallen behind, and d) a driver to delay entry into the yard based on order and resource availability.

Additional enhancements include MOVE 7i Wave Manager, Manifest,
Workflow Manager, and Integrator.

"With the release of MOVE 7i, Optum is underscoring its unwavering commitment to enabling intelligent distribution in the real-time enterprise," said David J. Simbari, president and CEO of Optum. "No matter how sophisticated a company's distribution network? from a single warehouse to an extended trading community with hundreds of partners? Optum has a solution that will help companies save money and improve their fulfillment processes. Optum is the only supply chain execution vendor today that can bridge a company's 'four wall' fulfillment and supplier network collaboration needs."

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