Software provides test planning and defect tracking.

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TestPLAN offers Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM DB2 users ability to control large elements of testing process from within test plan. Testers can add document files, image files, and data files to task of defect. TestPLAN integrates with TestGUI, TestWEB, and TestDRIVE enabling any combination of scripts from modules to be accessed and launched from TestPLAN. Defects can be recreated, worked on, and retested by replaying relevant script.

Original Press Release:

Original Software's TestPLAN Combines Multi-Platform Planning Technology with Test Execution

Original Software, creator of some of the world's most innovative and widely used testing solutions for UAT and QA teams, has launched a unique new module, TestPLAN. Far from being just a test planning utility for project management and defect tracking, TestPLAN offers Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2 users the ability to control large elements of the testing process from within a test plan - making for much more efficient use of testing and development resources.

With TestPLAN, QA, UAT and development teams can communicate with each other directly on common tasks. This is achieved by enabling testers to add document files, images files (eg screenshots) and even data files to a task of defect - information that will help the development team understand and recreate a problem more easily.

Furthermore, test scripts can also be added and launched in this way. This is what really makes TestPLAN stand out from other test planning utilities. TestPLAN can integrate with Original Software's PC-based testing modules - TestGUI and TestWEB (for cross-platform testing of GUI and browser applications) and TestDRIVE (for IBM iSeries 'green-screen' applications). This integration enables any combination of scripts from these modules to be accessed and launched from TestPLAN. Thus defects can be recreated, worked upon and retested much more quickly and efficiently, simply by replaying the relevant script. Appending and launching scripts in this way is a simple point-and-click operation.

Like TestGUI and TestWEB, TestPLAN is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2 databases. This is significant because all plan data is stored centrally on the database so it can be accessed and updated by all authorised members of the QA, testing and development teams.

However, in its strongest configuration, TestPLAN integrates with many of the major components of Original Software's world-leading test suite for the IBM iSeries, TestBench for iSeries. Users of TestBench can now use TestPLAN to launch test data cases, file compare processes and much more. This capability makes TestPLAN a lynchpin for the entire testing process for iSeries users.

Stuart Bishop, development manager for Original Software, says: 'The ability to plan and manage the test process from a module like this was a natural development for our product range. Even without the integration with our other products, TestPLAN can outperform many other test planning utilities. But the ability to access other test modules and scripts of any kind is what makes this product really stand out from the crowd. As far as we know, no other planning solution can integrate with test elements in the way that TestPLAN does.'

TestPLAN is available immediately from Original Software, on a per-user pricing structure.

About Original Software
Headquartered in the United Kingdom, The Original Software Group was founded in 1997 to develop, market and support a range of productivity solutions, initially for the IBM iSeries (AS/400) platform and latterly for SQL Server and Oracle. The company sells direct worldwide and has North American headquarters based in Chicago, IL. It has also forged a number of distribution agreements in Europe and North America. Burberry, DHL, HMV, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, Nike and Sony are among the companies to benefit from Original Software's approach to iSeries software testing. Original Software is an IBM Developer Business Partner. Test us out now at

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