Software provides servo gear sizing.

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Designed to help users find correct servo gear reducer, cymex® 3.0 Design Edition uses databases that include all alpha products and over 6,000 motors from various manufacturers. Once user enters application data, program calculates complete drive train. Users can experiment by trying out different load cases, varying parameters, and testing preferred drive system in detail.

Original Press Release:

cymex - alpha Application Engineering in Servo Sizing Software

alpha makes finding the right servo gear reducer quick and easy with the most advanced servo gear sizing software for your design needs.

cymex® makes use of extensive databases in which all alpha products and over 6000 motors from various manufacturers are stored - the largest library of its kind anywhere in the world. Simply enter your application data and cymex® will immediately calculate the complete drive train for you.

Numerous standard applications make your choice even easier. cymex® also invites you to experiment by trying out different load cases, varying the parameters and testing your preferred drive system in detail. cymex® then compiles comprehensive technical documentation for your project - saving you a great deal of time and effort.

Beyond our basic cymex® 3.0 Design Edition you can receive the cymex® 3.0 Motion Edition. The cymex® 3.0 Motion Edition can layout a complete drive system with only a mouse-click: Application - transmission - engine. It is that simple! Belt, volume, spindle, turntable and rack/pinion drives are pre-defined as standard applications in the cymex® 3.0 Motion Edition.

alpha products are the most advance in the industry, making the machines on which they run faster, more efficient and more productive. As the industry innovator in precision gearhead technology, alpha offers a variety of products for servo-based applications and sets the standards for excellence and quality in motion control solutions

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