Software provides security over desktop application files.

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CyberLAB Desktop(TM) manages Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files in one secure environment that enables compliance with US 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. It allows file collaboration and sharing across room or globe. Users can search for files directly from within desktop applications. Software provides audit trail of all file activity, electronic signature with visible indication of authenticity, file indexing, long term archiving, and templates to extract key data for searching and reporting.

Original Press Release:

CyberLAB Desktop(TM) Provides a Secure and Compliant Environment for Microsoft® Office and Adobe® Acrobat®

Pleasanton, CA (June 11, 2003) ¾ Scientific Software, Inc, a world leader in providing software solutions to the scientific community, announced today the availability of CyberLAB Desktop, the only available system for managing Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files in one secure environment that enables compliance with US 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. Organizations now have a secure, enterprise-wide architecture to manage and archive intellectual property and knowledge contained in documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Users can open and save files from the secure repository directly from Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint® as well as Abode Acrobat. These applications, now seamlessly integrated with CyberLAB Knowledge Engineering System(tm), allow users to collaborate and share files across the laboratory or across the globe, maintaining complete version control over any changes. In Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word, users can compare differences between documents or document versions and changes are clearly identified visually.

Features of CyberLAB Desktop include:

Complete security over desktop application files, including password protection and controlled user access

Open/Save files in their native format directly from within desktop applications

No middleware required for management of desktop application files

File collaboration and sharing across the room or across the globe

Search for files directly from within desktop applications including full text searches and Boolean operators

File version control and ability to open any version

Complete Audit Trail of all file activity

Electronic signature, with visible indication of authenticity

Difference comparison of PDF or Word files

Viewing of all file properties, including metadata and audit trail

File indexing, including full text

Templates to extract key data for searching and reporting

Ability to add user-defined metadata for searching and reporting

Long term archiving

Enabled compliance with 21 CFR Part 11

CyberLAB Knowledge Engineering System is the industry's only secure, web-based system designed to capture and warehouse all the electronic records across the enterprise in one scalable architecture. Users can create laboratory reports and search, retrieve, data mine, and archive any type of an electronic record such as instrumentation raw data, reports, spreadsheets, documents, presentations and image files. Designed with US 21 CFR Part 11 in mind, CyberLAB assists organizations to become compliant with this regulation when required. Built using standard web technology, CyberLAB is expandable from single user system to global multi-site implementations enabling global research collaboration and data sharing.

About Scientific Software, Inc.
Scientific Software, Inc. is a world leader in the development, sale and support of software systems to the scientific community. With over 55,000 worldwide installations, the Company's award-winning EZChrom Elite(tm) Enterprise Chromatography Data System is used in a wide range of markets such as pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, and food analysis. The Company's CyberLAB Knowledge Engineering System is used by leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies providing an enterprise-wide solution for information collaboration, data management, regulatory compliance and knowledge engineering. Scientific Software, Inc. is based in Pleasanton, California.

Further information about Scientific Software, Inc. and its products is available at or at 1-800-588-8878.

CyberLAB Desktop, CyberLAB Knowledge Engineering System and EZChrom Elite, are trademarks of Scientific Software, Inc.

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