Software provides product information repository.

Press Release Summary:

WebSphere Product Center v5.2, with WebSphere® Commerce integration, provides product information authoring environment for business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce websites. While offering users ability to aggregate, manage, and approve large amounts of complex product information, software supports implementation of data model templates common to both systems as well as batch and on demand scenarios for data movement capabilities.

Original Press Release:

IBM WebSphere Product Center V5.2 Delivers a Single, Reliable Product Information Repository

At a glance

Enhanced support in WebSphere Product Center for integration with WebSphere Commerce

Enhanced capabilities to preview changes in WebSphere Product Center as they appear in the WebSphere Commerce staging environment, for proofing and approvals

Simplified and accelerated implementation of data model templates common to both systems

Provided for both batch and on demand scenarios for data movement capabilities from WebSphere Product Center to WebSphere Commerce

Enhanced support for portal interface to WebSphere Product Center to create access to item data for thousands of users

Provided access to Web services-based APIs' write item information via a portal solution to WebSphere Product Center

Offered new availability integration of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for portal user authentication and role-based GUIs and data access

Enhanced support for Web services-based integration with WebSphere Product Center


Enhanced integration with WebSphere® Commerce

In WebSphere Product Center V5.2, Commerce integration provides a foundation for customers to establish a comprehensive, highly productive authoring environment for product information for their Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer e-commerce Web sites. WebSphere Product Center can greatly extend the value of e-commerce implementations by dramatically improving the preparation of rich and accurate product information for publishing. In combination with an e-commerce platform, it provides tools for orchestrating the contributions of multiple users across functions to various Commerce processes. It also offers features and capabilities to significantly simplify aggregating, enhancing, managing, and approving large amounts of complex product information. Business processes supported include: new product introductions; creating cross-sells, up-sells and promotions; product end-of-life; synchronizing item information; mass uploads of items and their attributes to a Web site; and syndicating product information to multiple customer touch points in addition to e-commerce Web sites.

Portal solution enablement

In WebSphere Product Center V5.2, portal enablement functionality provides the foundation for customers to build trading partner portals. Portal initiatives can provide access to valuable item data for thousands of users, which can greatly extend the value of your WebSphere Product Center implementation. Examples of business processes supported by the portal functionality include: creating or modifying an item, modifying synchronized item information, mass uploads of items, and searching for items.

Key prerequisites

IBM WebSphere Product Center V5.2 is supported on multiple platforms.

Planned availability dates

March 24, 2005: Electronic software delivery

April 22, 2005: Media and documentation

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