Software provides power generation dispatch solution.

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PlantWorkz(TM), built on Lagrangian Relaxation and dynamic programming algorithm, helps power plants manage fuel costs. Suited for daily or weekly optimal generation dispatch, PC-based software allows user to simulate operation planning scenarios over multiple year period. Sophisticated financial analysis, risk management, and portfolio optimization are possible when PlantWorkz is used in overall EnWorkz software framework, known as EnWorkz PowerUp(TM).

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EnWorkz Offers Cutting Edge Generation Dispatch Solution To Help Power Plants Save Fuel Costs

Austin, Texas (October 16, 2003) - As more power plants are using natural gas as fuel to generate electricity, an efficient generation dispatch algorithm can help a power plant saves millions of dollars on fuel cost savings alone. EnWorkz announced it will offer state-of-the-art Generation Dispatch solution to help power plants save fuel costs.

"In the past, our competitors have been selling unit commitment and dispatch solutions to the first tier power companies at hundred of thousands of dollars", said Bill Tan, CEO, EnWorkz, "We have developed a proprietary unit commitment and dispatch algorithm as part of our overall portfolio and risk management software framework, hence we are in position to offer a cutting edge solution at fraction of our competitors' pricing. This will benefit the smaller utilities, municipals and coops, who are otherwise may still be using less efficient dispatch solution."

Added Steve Apple, Vice President of Sales, EnWorkz, "Our intention is to not to wreck the market, but to bring good and affordable technology to companies at a time when budgets are thin, and capital expenses are difficult to come by. Rather than trying to figure out what a piece of software should be worth to an organization, we will price our software based on what it costs us to develop and support with a small profit for our efforts. "

EnWorkz unit commit and dispatch solution - known as PlantWorkz(TM), is built on a proprietary lighting fast Lagrangian Relaxation and dynamic programming algorithm. What would normally take hours to run using traditional solutions would need only minutes, if not seconds, to accomplish with PlantWorkz on a regular desktop PC. PlantWorkz' lightning speed would not only be useful for daily or weekly optimal generation dispatch, but would also allow a user to simulate different operation planning scenarios over a multiple years period without investing in expensive server or hardware. More sophisticated financial analysis, risk management, and portfolio optimization (including mixing multiple asset types such as service contracts, financial derivatives, emissions credits and curtailment) are also possible when PlantWorkz is used in an overall EnWorkz software framework, known as EnWorkz PowerUp(TM).

PlantWorkz can be easily installed and run on a standard desktop PC. Interested parties can contact EnWorkz, or download a free trial copy of PlantWorkz at EnWorkz web site.

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EnWorkz develops state-of-the-art software technologies for optimizing and managing the production, delivery, and trading of electric power. With EnWorkz PowerUpTM framework for portfolio optimization and risk management, energy businesses have the advanced tools they need to make profits more predictable, risks more transparent, and information more accessible across the enterprise. EnWorkz has offices in Singapore, China, and US. For more information about EnWorkz, visit the Web site

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