Software provides on-demand file sharing for SMBs.

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Nomadesk v3.0 allows SMBs to share, back up, secure, and synchronize project files and access them online or offline. Each virtual file server acts as hard drive, storing documents and allowing remote access from PC, Mac, or iPhone. By using drag and drop, users can transfer files, which are 256-bit encrypted and backed up automatically. TheftGuard(TM) deletes fileserver remotely if laptop is lost or stolen and program synchronizes changes on server and computer.

Original Press Release:

Nomadesk Launches On-Demand File Sharing Software to SMBs and Virtual Teams in the U.S.

Digital Nomads Now Have Online and Offline Access to Files from any Laptop, PC, Mac or iPhone for Easy & Secure Sharing, Synchronization, Storage and Backup for $15/month

ATLANTA, Aug. 18 / / - Nomadesk, the easiest and most secure on-demand file sharing software, today announced its entrance into the U.S. market. Nomadesk 3.0 brings the power of cloud computing to small and medium-sized businesses, while alleviating the hassles and minimizing the high costs of managing, sharing, backing up, securing and synchronizing confidential project files. Whether you are online or offline, working at the office or on the road, Nomadesk allows business teams to secure, sync and share data with no limits or change in behavior. Each virtual file server acts just like a hard drive, storing important documents in one place with local and remote access from a PC, Mac or iPhone. Users simply drag and drop their docs into the Nomadesk virtual file server, and files are immediately encrypted, backed up and available for file sharing.

For a flat rate of $15 per month per file server, an unlimited number of team members can access, share and edit files saved to the Nomadesk drive anytime from anywhere. For individuals who want to synchronize files on multiple devices, the cost is a flat rate of $50 per year. Users interested in test driving Nomadesk can sign up for a free 30-day trial at

"Every day, millions of businesses create growing amounts of unprotected data on multiple devices which are easy to lose, hard to sync and require access from anywhere," said Filip Tack, Nomadesk CEO. "In addition to developing the easiest and most secure way people can share data, we felt it was unfair to charge a small business every time they want to grant access to a new individual. At Nomadesk, we offer file sharing with unlimited storage for an unlimited number of team members - all for $15 per month. Our secure encryption and TheftGuard technology protects digital nomads, mobile users and remote workforces from theft or loss of data due to misplacing a mobile device. Nomadesk is a smarter, more efficient way to collaborate, increase productivity, secure data and expand server/storage capacity and it's drag, drop, simple!"

Key Product Features

- Easy access online and offline, from any digital platform

Nomadesk virtual file servers store important documents in one place
for on demand access from any PC, laptop, Mac or iPhone. And unlike
pure web storage and application solutions, which require 100% Internet
connection availability, Nomadesk documents are available anywhere,
anytime. Each virtual file server acts just like a hard drive. Once
software is installed, users can create as many file servers as needed,
each for a $15 per month flat rate. Documents are saved on the file
server by simply dragging and dropping. Nomadesk replicates changes on
both its central server and the local PC, so users have immediate
access to the latest files online or offline.

- Unlimited* storage and users for a fixed cost...$15 / month per file server

Nomadesk sets up virtual file servers right on the desktop, appearing
in Windows or Mac OS as a separate drive that allows users to securely
organize, save, share and backup important documents. We eliminate the
high costs associated with traditional "pay-per-user" models by
offering our customers the benefits of flat rate pricing. Nomadesk also
provides data retention to help small businesses meet compliance

- Data is always secure and available

Files are locked behind 256-bit, military-grade encryption, keeping
them safe and confidential, while data is automatically backed up on
the central server as well as the desktop of team members. If a laptop
is ever lost or stolen, TheftGuard(TM) offers added protection by deleting
the fileserver remotely. In addition, Nomadesk protects users from
catastrophic data loss by making data redundant and diversified. Users
receive disaster recovery benefits that some companies pay a high price
tag to achieve. Dedicated customer service is available through the
phone or live chat for customers who need to retrieve old files or
report a stolen computer.

- Automatic, real-time synchronization and file sharing

Users no longer have to rely on email, which has security and capacity
limitations. With Nomadesk, users can save, share, access and modify
files remotely. Nomadesk automatically synchronizes changes on both the
file server and each team member's computer, unlike other pure
synchronization tools which lack essential user management and security
capabilities for file sharing. And since only the changes are captured
and saved, Nomadesk maximizes network bandwidth and saves additional
resources and costs, resulting in a smarter, more efficient, and more
productive way to work.

- Quick & easy installation

Users can be up and running in minutes, with no training required. All
fileservers seamlessly integrate with the Windows Explorer and Mac
Finder interface.

- Great Value

Providing telecommuting and mobile workers with the benefits of a VPN,
FTP and back-up system without the infrastructure investment, Nomadesk
eliminates the cost of expensive servers, complex software or need for
IT expertise. For only $50/year for the personal service (1 file
server), or $15/month per file server for the team service, users have
access to unlimited* storage, file servers and team members. A free 30-
day trial is offered at

"Nomadesk leverages the SaaS delivery model to bring the full power of cloud computing to small businesses, giving users all the features and benefits of an enterprise-class file sharing and collaboration solution with greater ease of use for a low monthly subscription fee," said Chris Shipley, Chairman & CEO of Guidewire Group, Inc. "In addition to increased efficiency, data backup, unlimited storage and secure file sharing, Nomadesk helps small businesses eliminate IT infrastructure costs and high online storage usage fees. We expect Nomadesk to become a brand name in the global market for virtual document sharing and storage."

About Nomadesk

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Nomadesk is a leading provider of file sharing software that enables geographically dispersed professionals to access, share and safeguard files from any location, whether online or offline. Founded in Ghent, Belgium, Nomadesk is the easiest and most secure way to collaborate and backup critical files. With Nomadesk, users can create virtual file servers to manage and share important documents with as many team members as needed. As a software-as-a-service, thin client/server solution, Nomadesk alleviates the hassles and minimizes the high costs of traditional, on-premises document management solutions, as well as, online storage pay-per-user models. For only $15 per month per file server, an unlimited number of team members can access, share and save docs with unlimited* storage capacity. Nomadesk software can be downloaded on and easily installed with a 30-day free trial. The company received $4.25M Series A funding led by Gimv Venture Capital ( To learn more about Nomadesk, visit, become a Nomadesk fan or watch this 2-min video.

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