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Test.Lab Revision 3 integrated software suite offers solutions for rotating machinery, structural and acoustic testing, vibration control, reporting, and data sharing. It includes parallel measurement modes and data handling tools to speed up measurement and analysis. Smart Sensor (TEDS) support avoids set-up errors and reduces set-up time. Through integration with Tec.Manager, users can document test data and distribute results to internal end external customers.

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LMS Announces the Launch of LMS Test.Lab Revision 3

New release addresses the Changing Role of Noise & Vibration Testing in Product Development

LMS International announced the introduction of Revision 3 of LMS Test.Lab at the Testing Expo 2002 in Stuttgart, Germany on May 14 to 16. LMS Test.Lab is an integrated software suite for Noise & Vibration Testing and Engineering. The new Revision of Test.Lab offers a complete portfolio, including solutions for rotating machinery, structural and acoustic testing, vibration control, reporting and data sharing. Important new features in Test.Lab include parallel measurement modes and new data handling tools to speed up measurement and analysis, Smart Sensor (TEDS) support to avoid set-up errors and reduce set-up time, and the capability for users to make their own workbook templates. The Test.Lab Workbook concept allows to capture organization specific test procedures, and to make complex measurements easy to execute. Through the integration with LMS Tec.Manager, users can easily document their test data and distribute their results to internal end external customers. Test.Lab covers both laboratory based and mobile testing applications, and is fully integrated with the LMS SCADAS III measurement front-end.

The pressure on noise & vibration engineering in mechanical product engineering is enormous- and growing: legislation continues to dictate ever tougher limits in vibration comfort and noise levels; customers demand products that are better, and more refined; sound quality is of increasing importance for
a product's brand value. At the same time the move towards the digital development process means that fewer prototypes are available and must be tested in greater detail. As a result, test departments have to handle an increasing volume and diversity of test work, while their people and budgets are under pressure. Test departments have to deliver reliable test results - even when the availability of prototypes is dramatically reduced. LMS has developed the new Test.Lab software suite to respond to these major challenges in noise & vibration testing and engineering

Test.Lab makes testing easier and more productive - without compromising data confidence. The unique user interface, composed of Workbooks and Worksheets, guides users through measurement procedures step by step, reducing training costs and guaranteeing proper handling of testing by any user profile.
Engineers can create company specific Workbook Templates easily, by locking measurement parameters or by adding, removing or reshuffling tasks to reflect their own standard measurement procedures - without any programming. Test.Lab makes it easy to repeat tests accurately and to support quality systems with
standardized measurement and analysis procedures that are easy to share within the company and its suppliers

Customer requirements and new legislation raise the bar for noise & vibration engineering. A more detailed understanding of the complex nature of Noise & Vibration is required. To support this need, Test.Lab Revision 3 allows engineers to take multiple measurements in one run, applying different measurement techniques simultaneously. Parallel measurements produce parallel data sets for different noise and vibration characteristics such as narrow band spectra to examine the spectral contents, synchronously sampled orders to identify the precise harmonics and continuous time data for subjective
sound evaluation. With Test.Lab, users automatically double their productivity by running parallel tests - and get completely consistent data to support comparative analysis of results.

Test.lab Revision 3 offers tight integration with LMS Tec.Manager, the LMS solution for collaborative engineering and engineering data management. With Test.Lab, the user can document its test data in line with company specific data models and use these attributes to search and retrieve data. The web client of Tec.Manager gives anyone in the extended organization access to these data from a web browser. As a net result, the test department can deliver consistent, well-documented data that is easy to access throughout the organization for further use in the product development process

LMS Test.Lab has been adopted by many customers in the automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing industries. The Test.Lab reference list includes companies such as Daimler-Benz AG, Delphi, EADS Launch Vehicles, EMC Hopkinton, Atlas Copco Airpower, Fiat Auto, Kia Motor, Perkins Engine Co. and many others. The availability of LMS Test.Lab Revision is planned for July of 2002.

About LMS International:

Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, LMS International provides solutions for functional performance engineering in mechanical product development. The company's CAE software, testing systems, and decision support infrastructure allow engineering teams to refine designs based on dynamic behavior such as motion, ride, handling, structural integrity, vibration, acoustic, NVH, and fatigue lifetime. These capabilities enable users to understand and solve dynamic problems, turning upfront attribute optimization into a strategic competitive advantage. The LMS solutions are process-centric within the digital development environment and deliver enterprise-wide productivity throughout the development process. Through its Engineering Services Division, LMS also provides vehicle development support
from overload contracting and troubleshooting, technology transfer, up to co-development projects. LMS is certified to
ISO9001 quality standards, and employs over 550 people in 16 subsidiaries around the world.

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