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SCADAlarm v6.0 enables real-time intelligent alarm and event notification, data acquisition, and remote control from telecommunications devices. TAPI hardware support enables software to be device-independent. Product includes automatic text-to-speech conversion, built-in communication with Industrial Application Server, support for configuring and acknowledging alarms from Industrial Application Server and InTouch HMI, and support for caller ID.

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Wonderware SCADAlarm Event Notification Software Now TAPI-Compliant & Enables Device-Independent Compatibility

LAKE FOREST, Calif., July 14, 2005 - Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys Systems, Inc., today announced that it has released version 6.0 of its SCADAlarm event notification software. SCADAlarm 6.0 software enables real-time intelligent alarm and event notification, data acquisition and remote control from telecommunication devices.

SCADAlarm 6.0 software includes support for TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) hardware. TAPI support enables the SCADAlarm software to be device-independent and enables users to choose standard off-the-shelf, inexpensive modems that are readily available on the market.

SCADAlarm 6.0 software is an integral part of Wonderware's SCADA software solutions, which offer several unique features and leverage the ArchestrA industrial automation and information software architecture. SCADAlarm 6.0 can greatly benefit companies looking to implement a new SCADA solution or upgrade an existing system.

"SCADAlarm 6.0 software provides many opportunities for customers to lower their total costs of ownership, while significantly reducing the time spent on software administration and management," said Renee Brandt, product marketing manager for Wonderware visualization products. "In addition, SCADAlarm 6.0 software leverages new technological advances and incorporates many valuable features requested by Wonderware customers."

SCADAlarm 6.0 software includes new features such as automatic text-to-speech conversion, built-in communication with the Wonderware Industrial Application Server, enhanced support for configuring and acknowledging alarms from the Industrial Application Server and InTouch HMI, and enhanced security with support for caller identification.

As an enterprise-wide telephony and messaging system, SCADAlarm software turns any PC into a communications command center. It can monitor an entire network 24/7, ensuring constant communication with the automation system.

Wonderware's Production and Performance Management and SCADA Software Solutions
SCADAlarm 6.0 software is a vital part of Wonderware's production and performance management (PPM) and SCADA software solutions. These solutions are built on and integrated with the open and scalable ArchestrA software architecture, which is based on industry-standard technologies providing architectural freedom to scale from a small pilot to multiple sites.

As a result, the Wonderware solution can connect to virtually any automation system, remote terminal unit (RTU), intelligent electronic device (IED), programmable logic controller (PLC), database, historian or business system. The open nature of this platform enables users to expand their existing systems without having to buy new hardware or control systems. The flexible yet robust ArchestrA software architecture enables existing business and manufacturing systems to effectively exchange vital process and business information without negatively affecting either system.

Brandt stressed that ArchestrA technology is key to version 6.0 of the SCADAlarm software because it enables engineers to reuse templates that contain essential information such as scripts, alarms and communication methods.

"Being able to reuse the application objects that represent plant devices significantly decreases engineering time," Brandt said.

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