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Dynsim(TM) v3.2 enables users to leverage dynamic simulation model equity. It integrates with Pro/II flowsheeting and optimization simulator solution, which opens and translates steady-state Pro/II simulations into Dynsim dynamic simulations. OLGA interface simulates scenarios operating in multiphase transport environments. Dynsim provides local thermodynamic property calculations, and increased reaction capabilities to model kinetic reactions.

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SimSci-Esscor Dynamic Process Simulation Solution Offers Increased Performance and Enhanced Usability

New Version of Dynsim Features Pro/II Integration and Increased Reaction Capabilities

LAKE FOREST, Calif., Feb. 25, 2004 -- SimSci-Esscor, an operating unit of Invensys plc, today announced a new version of its Dynsim(TM) dynamic simulator, featuring increased performance, enhanced usability and interoperatability. Dynsim can be used in a variety of industrial process applications including oil and gas processing, refining, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, engineering and construction.

Dynsim version 3.2 has been upgraded to allow seamless integration with SimSci-Esscor's Pro/II enhanced steady-state flowsheeting and optimization simulator solution. Pro/II is SimSci-Esscor's flagship process simulation program that performs rigorous mass and energy balances for a wide range of plant processes. The solution opens and automatically translates steady-state Pro/II simulations into Dynsim dynamic simulations.

Dynsim 3.2 provides for increased reaction capabilities to model kinetic reactions expressed in a form consistent with Pro/II. Reactions can be added to standard Dynsim equipment models. The pipe model can simulate a plug flow reactor while the drum model can simulate a continuously stirred tank reactor.

The upgraded Dynsim solution also has other improvements for increased simulation speed such as local thermodynamic property calculations. There also are new equipment models to simulate more types of plant equipment and additional enhanced capabilities in the area of custom equation handling.

In addition, SimSci-Esscor has added an OLGA interface to the Dynsim upgrade for simulation scenarios operating in multiphase transport environments. OLGA is a simulation solution for transient multiphase flow of oil, water and gas in wells and pipelines with process equipment. OLGA capability requires a separate third-party license.

Dynsim, a powerful, cost-effective improvement over legacy dynamic simulators, enables users to leverage dynamic simulation model equity. Dynsim excels in plant simulation operations by allowing users to use the same model in multiple applications, such as process design studies, control evaluations and checkouts, operator training and operational analysis.

Cost reduction and increased engineering efficiency are achieved because engineers require less time to redevelop models for each application. Also, data discrepancies can be avoided when engineers deploy the same model in each application, which increases technical accuracy and provides higher levels of overall simulation reliability.

"SimSci-Esscor is committed to making Dynsim a leading dynamic simulator in the process industry by developing new releases each quarter that deliver significant value to our customers," said Ken Brown, vice president and general manager of SimSci-Esscor. "The solution is currently one of the only dynamic simulators in the market that can be used for engineering design, control system checkout and operator training. Through our efforts we will continue to advance Dynsim into a powerful solution that meets the evolving needs of the industry."

Engineers and operators can use Dynsim to perform basic design studies, operational troubleshooting, control system checkouts and comprehensive evaluations of standard and emergency operational procedures. The solution powers smooth, timely response to dynamic change requirements of all kinds in a plant. It enables superior control system design and revamp with minimal risk while shortening time requirements for safe plant startup and shutdown procedures. It can routinely help prevent production interruptions while increasing plant efficiency and safety. Operators can also use it to improve emergency response procedures and prevent expensive equipment damage.

Dynsim is part of SimSci-Esscor's Dynamic Simulation Suite (DSS), which provides the full power of rigorous dynamic simulation and control emulation for plant engineers, operators, and managers. All DSS programs, including Dynsim, FSIM and TRISIM, offer interoperatability features enabling seamless integration options for meeting specific plant requirements. In addition, Dynsim readily interfaces to other industry standard applications.

Dynsim is part of SimSci-Esscor's SIM4ME user environment, which is designed to help businesses build open computing solutions for the process industries. Based on a model-centric design, SIM4ME hosts SimSci-Esscor's comprehensive process simulation, optimization and control system emulation programs.

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