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FF.FIX Engine(TM) provides one solution for complete trading workflow management, FIX/FAST protocol compliance, and global connectivity for FIX as well as non-FIX compliant exchanges. Built as single, customizable execution management platform for traders, brokers, and financial institutions on buy and sell sides, software can also offers load balancing and remote hosting capabilities for optimized performance under high data flow rates and numerous of exchanges/user connections.

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First Futures Software Announces the Release of FF.FIX Engine

PUNE, India, March 9 --

- The FIX Powered and Global DMA Enabled Execution Management Platform for Buy and Sell Side Market Participants

First Futures Software, the expert solution provider in the domains of Global Exchange Connectivity, Direct Market Access technologies and Straight-Through Processing of real-time market and trade data, today announced the launch of its flagship product - FF.FIX Engine(TM). The much anticipated release of FF.FIX Engine provides a one stop feature-rich solution for the complete trading workflow management, FIX/FAST protocol compliance and global connectivity covering the realms of FIX as well as non-FIX compliant exchanges.

Built to serve as a single, versatile, cost-effective and highly customizable execution management platform for traders, brokers and financial institutions on buy and sell sides, FF.FIX Engine offers the highest flexibility and scalability, just as the client's business needs it. It can function as a stand-alone application as well as a scalable trading platform with a flexibility to meet the technological challenges for years to come. Designed to serve as a buy side, sell side or a hybrid solution for complete trade life cycle automation, FF.FIX Engine can function with or without having an Order Management System (OMS). It can easily integrate with the existing order generating or algorithmic trading applications making them FIX and global connectivity enabled. The clients also have the freedom to build customized OMSs around FF.FIX Engine, based on their business needs and logic. FF.FIX Engine offers load balancing and remote hosting capabilities for an optimized and robust performance under immensely high data flow rates as well as a number of exchange and user connections.

"The affordability and flexibility of FIX engines has always been a key issue for FIX aspirants. The real need is to have a single, versatile, cost-effective and fast deployable FIX engine, which can suit all market participants. FF.FIX Engine is designed with a vision to meet this challenge and with an emphasis on absolute flexibility on all fronts - technical as well as commercial", explains Yann Senecheau, Managing Director at First Futures Software. "FIX and non-FIX compliant markets are equally important to traders from the business perspective. FF.FIX Engine is a truly global connectivity platform. Using plug-n-play Adapters, FF.FIX Engine can provide Direct Market Access (DMA) to any number of FIX and non-FIX compliant exchanges all over the world and an efficient Straight-Through Processing of pre-trade, trade and post-trade messages. The unlimited DMA capabilities of FF.FIX Engine help in achieving ultra low latency in message routing and also in eliminating message hops. Clients can now easily and quickly reach new markets and exploit liquidity pools around the world for achieving higher broker neutrality and gaining the crucial market lead."

The FF.FIX Engine product comes with many supplementary tools which help in FIX certification, FIX dialect implementation, real-time and historical data analysis, reporting, performance testing and simulation for exchange connectivity. "The out-of-the-box FIX engines often fail in providing the required flexibility in their implementation and a mechanism for their easy and dynamic customization. These are the prime requirements for maintaining and expanding the market reach", continues Yann Senecheau. "Our emphasis is on enabling our clients to concentrate mostly on customizing FF.FIX Engine for their core business requirements. That's the reason why FF.FIX Engine comes with a wide range of supplementary tools and code samples. They help clients to easily customize FF.FIX Engine for their needs and deploy their organization dependent additional functionalities really fast."

"FF.FIX Engine is our second major release after FF.FIX SDK(TM), the software development kit for FIX developers," says Naveen Kumar, Director and Principal Architect at First Futures Software. "The FF.FIX Engine architecture leverages FF.FIX SDK for its robustness, scalability, customizability and the multithreading and Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) capabilities. With the inbuilt FF.FIX SDK support, FF.FIX Engine is all set to fill the wide and longstanding market gap between the 'fully flexible but not easy to implement' and 'easy to implement but not so flexible' FIX engines."

About First Futures Software (FFS)

First Futures Software ( is a global technology solutions provider having expertise in building and implementing innovative high performance software products and solutions with a focus on the financial capital markets. The company is operated by financial experts, traders and software engineers. Their vast knowledgebase, expertise and experience make the products and services of the company benchmarks of quality and performance and provide clear competitive advantages in meeting the dynamic market challenges.

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