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Software Patch enables DAHDI devices to be plug and play.

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Feb 10, 2014 - With Plug & Play software patch for Asterisk®, DAHDI devices, such as Xorcom Astribank telephony interfaces, can be added or removed from live Asterisk-based IP-PBX while it remains fully operational. Channels are referred to by absolute names (on bus) rather than by channel numbering, which changes as devices are added or removed. Solution for DAHDI devices is available in Asterisk v12 as well as Xorcom CompletePBX v4.0 and up.

Xorcom Ltd. - Phoenix, AZ

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True "Plug & Play" Solution for DAHDI Devices Provided by Xorcom

Press release date: Jan 29, 2014

Asterisk-based IP-PBX can continue to function seamlessly, even after telephony interface are added or removed during operation, thanks to joint efforts of Xorcom & Digium
ITEXPO - Miami Beach, FL, U.S.A. - Xorcom, a privately-held manufacturer of business telephony interfaces and appliances, today announced that it has developed a software patch for Asterisk® which enables DAHDI (Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface) devices, such as the Xorcom Astribank telephony interfaces, to be added or removed from a live Asterisk-based IP-PBX while it remains fully operational. In the Xorcom solution, channels are referred to by absolute names (on the bus) rather than by channel numbering, which changes as the devices are added or removed. The Asterisk community has agreed to include the Xorcom "Plug & Play" solution for DAHDI devices in the next release of Asterisk, version 12. It will also be standard in Xorcom CompletePBX version 4.0 and up.

Now All DAHDI Devices Can Be "Plug & Play"
"We always had a challenge in our Astribanks because although they were designed to be hot-pluggable devices, the Asterisk infrastructure was not," notes Leonid Fainshtein, CTO at Xorcom. "The DAHDI drivers and infrastructure always assumed that when you power up an Asterisk system, all the DAHDI devices are present and none would be added or moved during operation. However, this is not a true reflection of reality, especially since Xorcom telephony systems can support more than 1000 analog ports. Very often businesses need to make changes to their telephony systems by adding new cards and removing and/or replacing faulty cards. The change we have submitted to the Asterisk code will address this issue for all DAHDI devices, making them truly 'plug & play'."

In addition to being a standard component of Asterisk version 12, Xorcom has back-ported the DAHDI devices "Plug & Play" patch to Asterisk version 11. This patch is now available from Xorcom's worldwide channel of distribution partners. For more information, please stop by the Xorcom booth #707 at the IT EXPO, taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center from January 29 through 31.

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