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Software Packaging Solution facilitates mass installs/uninstalls.

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May 16, 2014 - RayPack v1.0 lets company software be prepared so it can be installed/uninstalled safely in large infrastructures on thousands of workstations. Product consists of editor for packages in native and RayPack formats; re-packaging tool that records installation processes and transfers them into native formats or RayPack project files; process control for packaging activities; central library for managing package information; and tool for automating mass conversion of packages.

Raynet GmbH - Schaumburg, IL

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Raynet Releases Its New Packaging Solution

Press release date: May 08, 2014

PADERBORN, Germany -- Announcement of great success prompts people to act quickly

Raynet GmbH, Europe's leading provider of software packaging and life cycle management application products, releases its new packaging solution RayPack for use, following a successful presentation.

Software experts at Raynet had also not anticipated the form this would take: no sooner had they completed the successful roadshow on their new software packaging solution than they saw a real run on the product. More than 300 visitors and prospective buyers registered to be part of the initial trial during and shortly after a product roadshow organised by Raynet through Germany, Switzerland and for the Benelux countries. Numerous further enquiries from home and abroad, including overseas, clearly demonstate the obvious need in this software management segment. Raynet used this push to release its new packaging solution RayPack with release 1.0 for immediate use.

The so-called software packaging allows company software to be prepared in such a way that it can be installed or deinstalled safely in large infrastructures on thousands of workstations. A functionality without which larger companies could no longer operate their business-critical IT. Raynet GmbH has already been supplying its packaging services for 15 years and has not simply gained extensive knowledge but also in-depth experience. The tools available on the market for software packaging were not adequate for it, were too expensive and not good enough in terms of their performance features.

"Tools in this market segment today often overlook the interrelationships within the overall working process," according to Raynet GmbH's Managing Director Ragip Aydin. "Modern approaches take account of the groundwork involved in packaging, and that the
implemented software installations and deinstallations also have to be included in the licence balance sheet. Focused tools are therefore no longer required, but comprehensive solutions that offer corresponding possibilities of integration with the links anchored in the process. This applies both to interface design and to data connection integration."

This is clearly how many potential customers who visited Raynet's roadshow events see things. They promise significant synergies: staff can be flexibly deployed and are no longer trained on just the one tool. Data that has already been captured can be used again during the course of a subsequent process and does not have to be laboriously entered again manually.

That does not just save time but also avoids numerous typing and copying mistakes.

The product consists of an editor for packages in native and RayPack formats (PackDesigner), a tool for re-packaging (PackRecorder) that records installation processes and transfers them into native formats or RayPack project files.

There is also the PackBench (release 1.1) that takes care of process control for packaging activities. A central library for managing package information (PackLib, release 1.1.), together with a tool for automating the mass conversion of packages (PackBot, rel. 1.3.) round off the solution. Raynet also presented a comprehensive roadmap for the product, giving an appetite for further functionalities and integration approaches.

Alongside the autonomous application of RayPack as an independent tool, RayPack may also act as an integral part of the Raynet product family, RaySuite. Raynet provides a comprehensive and integrated overall solution for the application management life cycle in companies. This solution extends from the inventorisation and licensing of software to its packaging and quality assurance right through to rolling out products in live environments.

The products may even be used under a standard user interface and with a central repository, which provides significant synergies. Third-party solutions can be integrated into this product family, e.g. if the customer already uses existing products or wants to use solutions from other manufacturers. Raynet completes its range of products with its strong service package.

This extends from a simple installation offer right through to implementing complete projects or outsourcing packages. The offer is rounded off by a corresponding support and maintenance package.

Alongside sales editions of RayPack for companies to use themselves, there are also sales models for service providers and freelancers. Raynet also markets the product for IBN distribution in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, BBI software in Switzerland and the distributor PDS in Utrecht in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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