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Cumulus v6.6 comes with ITEDO AutoCAD and CGM filters, which allow users in CAD and standards-oriented environments to create thumbnails and previews as well as read out all metadata available in AutoCAD, CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile), and IsoDraw files. Filters also let users archive, access, and reuse technical illustrations as Cumulus reads and stores file information relevant to business processes. ITEDO filters are offered for Windows OS only.

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ITEDO Delivers New Cumulus Filters for Managing AutoCAD and CGM Formats

Add-ons allow users in CAD and standards oriented environments to efficiently organize technical illustrations with Cumulus Server Solutions August 25, 2005 - San Francisco, Berlin. Canto, a global leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions, today announced the immediate availability of new Cumulus filters developed by ITEDO Software, enabling Cumulus to manage AutoCAD, CGM and IsoDraw files, formats essential to industries producing technical illustrations. These filters bridge a gap for all users working with CAD (computer aided design) to produce technical graphics in areas such as construction equipment, machine manufacturing and aerospace. Cumulus integrates smoothly into the workflow of manufacturing industries and their service suppliers involved in CAD/Technical Illustration production. IsoDraw files from ITEDO´s flagship software IsoDraw, CGM and AutoCAD files can now be managed professionally. The ITEDO filters enable Cumulus to create thumbnails and previews as well as read out all metadata available in these files. CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) is used as a standard format (for device-independent 2D files) in many different industries, among them aerospace, automotive, defense, telecommunications, petrochemical industry and others. An area of growing importance for the use of CGM files is the Web environment, where the WebCGM format is used to display graphics in interactive catalogs and manuals. AutoCAD® software is CAD software for 2D drafting, detailing and 3D design. DWG and DXFTM are standard file formats of AutoCAD. "Manufacturers and construction companies need a system to manage the thousands of drawings and illustrations they have created over the years," said Ulrich Knocke, Canto's Senior Product Manager. "Adding the ITEDO filters to our Cumulus product offerings will make it easy for users to archive, access and reuse their technical illustrations as Cumulus reads and stores the file information that is relevant to their business processes." ITEDO Software has been creating software solutions for Technical Illustration since 1990. Numerous installations in defense, government and industry have made ITEDO the global market leader and IsoDraw an industry standard in the field of Technical Illustration. With IsoDraw, one of ITEDO's core products, technical illustrations for complex electronic documents can be produced quickly and economically and processed flexibly in all common print and electronic media such as operating manuals, spare parts catalogs or maintenance manuals. "We are excited about the new filters," said Dieter Weidenbrueck, CEO of ITEDO Software. "They are another major step towards optimizing the workflow in Technical Publications. We are glad that our long-time cooperation with Canto has once more produced an outcome that customers of both companies can benefit from." ITEDO offers two new ITEDO Filters for Cumulus that support creating thumbnails and previews as well as reading out metadata from CAD files: The ITEDO AutoCAD Filter supports files in DXF and DWG format and the ITEDO CGM Filter supports files in CGM format. In the near future ITEDO plans to release the ITEDO 3D CAD Filter for VRML, OBJ and IGES file format support. Pricing and Availability In a first step the ITEDO filters will be available for Windows operating systems only. The filters are pre-installed in Cumulus 6.6 in demo-mode. ITEDO AutoCAD Filter for Cumulus (incl. three Client licenses) and ITEDO CGM Filter for Cumulus (incl. three Client licenses) can be purchased at Canto´s eShop for $ 795 each. With ten Clients licenses the Cumulus ITEDO Filters cost $ 995 each. Click here to go to Canto´s eShop: For more information on all Canto products and services and to download demo versions go to: Find out more about ITEDO at About Canto Founded in 1990, Canto is the leading supplier of Digital Asset Management products and services with more than 12,500 client/server systems installed worldwide. Canto's business focus is to deliver world-class solutions at a very competitive price to the creative arts, publishing, corporate communications and other industries. The company's product line "Cumulus" is designed to manage and archive all types of digital assets used in production, publishing, communication, and other workflows, offering cross-platform and Internet applications that scale completely from easy to install and low-cost archiving solutions to globally hosted DAM systems.

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