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Featuring SimXpert, SimDesigner, and SimManager applications, SimEnterprise R2 provides capabilities to capture and reuse expert knowledge across engineering disciplines, user communities, and organizational boundaries. It includes graphical process builder and enables evaluation of product performance in native CAD environment. System also provides audit trail for simulation and searchable database containing models, results, and reports.

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MSC.Software Accelerates Product Innovation and Delivery Through the Release of SimEnterprise R2

SimDesigner, SimXpert and SimManager Enhancements Combine to Optimize Engineering Productivity and Increase Collaboration for Simulation and Design Teams Globally

SANTA ANA, Calif., June 18 / / -- MSC.Software Corp. (NASDAQ:MSCS), the leading global provider of enterprise simulation solutions and services, today announced the release of SimEnterprise R2, the newest installment of the company's integrated, enterprise simulation solutions. SimEnterprise R2 includes the SimXpert, SimDesigner, and SimManager applications, providing advanced capabilities to capture and reuse expert knowledge across engineering disciplines, user communities, and organizational boundaries in order to accelerate product development through enhanced productivity.

SimXpert R2 enables simulation experts to easily create reusable templates that represent simulation best practices and to share them with other expert analysts, engineers, and even designers for improved productivity and reliability of results. SimXpert templates leverage the power of MD Nastran to run multi-discipline simulations based on a single model, eliminating mistakes from manual data transfer and translation between models and improving collaboration between engineering groups.

SimDesigner R2 scales the value of simulation by giving designers the ability to evaluate product performance in the native CAD environment. In addition to exposing core basic simulation functionality in CAD, SimDesigner R2 gives designers the ability to reuse expert knowledge through remote execution of templates from CATIA V5 and now includes this capability from within Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire. The ability to launch template execution authored by experts enables designers with minimal simulation knowledge to reliably predict structural, motion, and thermal performance of products early in product design, eliminating costly redesign late in the process.

SimManager R2 enables secure collaboration between expert analysts, designers, suppliers, and other simulation stakeholders with its enterprise process and data management capabilities. SimManager manages simulation information in the context of the methods and processes used to create it, providing an audit trail for simulation and a searchable database containing models, results, reports, and other important data. SimManager provides out-of-the box integration with SimXpert and SimDesigner, SOA-based integration with other enterprise applications, and built in compute resource management for execution of simulation templates and solver jobs. SimManager R2 also adds a new graphical process builder, making simulation process configuration fast and intuitive.

"SimEnterprise R2 takes MSC.Software's solutions to the next level for engineering productivity through tighter integration, enhanced capabilities to make simulation more valuable, and is the first release to achieve SOA Connect certification through IBM with SimManager," said Stephen Bodnar, vice president of marketing and product management at MSC.Software. "Now more than ever, our customers are looking to us for ways to deliver right-to-market products with ever-increasing productivity across the engineering enterprise. SimEnterprise R2 delivers an enterprise-ready solution that can enable our customers to capture, share and reuse critical simulation data so designers and engineers can spend less time on low-value tasks and more time on product innovation."

SimXpert R2

SimXpert is a unified multi-discipline environment for modeling, solving, and evaluating results of functional performance simulations. SimXpert provides expert analysts with comprehensive capabilities to perform linear and nonlinear structural, crash, thermal, and motion simulations using a common data model. SimXpert also provides capability for experts to capture their best practices in the form of reusable templates that can be shared with other experts and designers across the engineering enterprise.

SimExpert R2 features and benefits include:

o Native Pro/ENGINEER geometry -- fully bi-directional associativity with
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire geometry.
o Enhanced MD solver support -- support of advanced solution sequences
including explicit nonlinear, advanced thermal solutions, composites
analysis, and MD ADAMS R2
o Template Studio enhancements -- enables rapid, intuitive authoring of
templates by non-experts
o Enhanced integration with SimDesigner and SimManager -- execution of
templates from the native CAD system of CATIA V5 and Pro/Engineer.

SimDesigner R2

SimDesigner provides design engineers with the ability to access multidiscipline simulation capabilities up-front in the design process, reuse expert analyst best-practices and collaborate with the enterprise. SimDesigner Enterprise R2 supports the CATIA V5 CAD platform and is delivered as a single solution for linear static and nonlinear analysis, multibody dynamics simulation, thermal-mechanical analysis and basic crash/impact studies. SimDesigner improves collaboration between design engineers and analysts through cross-enterprise access to existing simulation resources as well as guided simulation using SimXpert templates and seamless simulation data management from SimManager.

SimDesigner R2 features and benefits include:
o Template Client -- SimDesigner Enterprise Template Client is a new
product in the R2 release. SimDesigner Enterprise Template Client
supports Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 and improves collaboration between
design engineers and expert analysts through guided simulation using
SimXpert templates and seamless simulation data management from

o Improved integration with SimManager -- provides simulation process and
data management as well as collaboration with OEMs and suppliers.

o Enhanced MD Nastran solver support -- provides the ability to conduct
linear and nonlinear simulations from the same workbench.

SimManager R2

SimManager is an enterprise simulation data and process management solution that enables manufacturers to manage simulation data, methods, and processes. SimManager delivers key capabilities that work with the existing CAE infrastructure to elevate simulation to a strategic, scalable, enterprise-level asset through reuse of methods and models, extended enterprise collaboration, process management, and enables audit of the entire simulation history for quality and effectiveness.

SimManager R2 features and benefits include:
o New Graphical process builder -- enables rapid, intuitive system
configuration to support customer-specific process execution.
o Integrated HPC management -- optimizes utilization of server, cluster,
and grid hardware to run templates and solver jobs.
o Enhanced integration with SimDesigner and SimXpert -- provides an
end-to-end enterprise simulation solution to speed design cycles and
capture critical simulation process data for reuse across an enterprise
o SOA architecture -- provides a standards-based means to integrate
simulation information into other enterprise business systems.

SimEnterprise R2 is available now directly from MSC. For more information, please visit or contact (714) 540 8900.

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