Software offers vibration analysis and reporting solution.

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DAART(TM) imports measurement data collected by any vibration analyzer that can provide CSV-delimited, tab-delimited, or Excel files. PulseDomain(TM) tool demodulation technology enables vibration analysts to see impact pulses within bearing noise, while Sharpener(TM) technology shows accurate frequency-domain information in any FFT, PulseDomain, or Cepstrum graph. Data can be transformed back and forth between time-domain and velocity, displacement, or acceleration FFT waveforms.

Original Press Release:

New DAART Datastick Advanced Analysis and Reporting Toolkit for Vibration Analysis in Predictive Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Vibration analysis tools in DAART redefine the state of the art

SANTA CLARA, CA, September 17, 2008 - Datastick Advanced Analysis and Reporting Toolkit--or DAART(TM)--PC software was introduced and demonstrated today at the PdM Predictive Maintenance Technology Conference in Omaha by Michael Scandling, Datastick Vice President of Marketing.

Datastick is known for its VSA-series line of handheld Vibration Spectrum Analyzers and software for the handheld and PC, which are used in conditions-based monitoring of rotating machinery for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting. The new DAART PC software imports measurement data that has been collected by VSAs or other data collectors that can provide csv-delimited, tab-delimited, or Excel files--and provides tools for analyzing those measurements, including some industry firsts.

Vibration analysts are now able to see impact pulses within bearing noise more clearly with the Datastick® PulseDomain(TM) tool, which uses Datastick's new, refined demodulation technology. Datastick's new, exclusive Sharpener(TM) technology shows accurate frequency-domain information in any FFT, PulseDomain or Cepstrum graph.

"PulseDomain shows pulses within haystacks of bearing noise more clearly and more accurately than existing software available at far greater cost," said Scandling. "And Sharpener is a whole new way to look at frequency-domain data. Conventional FFT windowing, such as Hanning, Rectangular, or Flattop, make compromises in frequency or amplitude or both. Sharpener provides a completely new way of showing any frequency-domain, demodulation, and Cepstrum information with no significant compromise of frequency or amplitude accuracy. Vibration analysts no longer have to guess at turning frequencies and harmonics. We can throw the phrase, 'good enough' out the window--the Hanning window."

Additional capabilities of DAART software include the ability to

o import information from almost any bearing database, including one provided by Datastick
o easily transform data back and forth between time-domain and velocity, displacement, or acceleration FFT waveforms
o convert any waveform to a .WAV audio file so that analysts can listen to the sound of any bearing

In addition, two new metrics show high-energy areas of the spectrum superior to Crest Factor, the most commonly used tool for this purpose. Datastick Peaking(TM) shows the energy in the peak component of the vibration waveform, and Datastick Impact Factor(TM) shows periodic bursts of energy.

"Finally, our DAART desktop software is based on Microsoft Excel, which enables exceptionally easy reporting and sharing of data among colleagues. Simply email Excel data files, pdfs, doc and Powerpoint files, or publish HTML files to the web," said Scandling. "Most important, any vibration analyst using any vibration data collector will almost certainly find the DAART tools a welcome addition that enables easier, clearer and more accurate spotting of trouble areas and refinements that make analysis more precise."

DAART is scheduled to ship within a month, Scandling said.

Datastick Systems, Inc., develops cost-effective handheld test and measurement software and hardware for a broad range of industrial, environmental, commercial, research, and scientific markets.

Datastick is located at 3350 Scott Blvd., Building 50, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Contact Datastick at (408) 987-3400,, or

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