Software offers proactive security for Windows desktops.

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Through Real-Time Vulnerability Protection approach, Vulnerability Protection Suite (VPS) 4.0 provides enterprise protection against exploits of Windows security vulnerabilities, closing off zero-day worm, drive-by spyware, and directed attack vectors against desktops and servers. It complements existing layered defense technologies to protect against threats that cannot be stopped by existing signature or behavior based security.

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Determina Introduces Proactive Security for Windows Desktops

Vulnerability Protection Suite 4.0 Proven to Stop Exploits of All Critical Windows Security Vulnerabilities

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 3 / -- Determina, Inc., the leader in proactive host intrusion prevention solutions, today announced the newest edition of the Vulnerability Protection Suite (VPS). VPS 4.0 is the first to extend Determina's proven, proactive protection from critical security vulnerabilities to the Windows desktop. In addition, VPS 4.0 upgrades the manageability and scalability of the suite. Through its innovative "Real-Time Vulnerability Protection" approach, VPS 4.0 provides the first proactive, comprehensive enterprise protection against exploits of Windows security vulnerabilities, closing off "zero-day" worm, drive-by spyware, and directed attack vectors against desktops and servers.

"Information security and client confidentiality are crucial concerns in protecting a network that spans over a dozen offices," said Nick Fitzpatrick, Network Manager, Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi LLP. "Determina provides the only proactive, zero-day solution that protects both our Windows servers and desktop machines from spyware, keyloggers, trojans, and other malware that uses Windows vulnerabilities as attack vectors."

"With Vulnerability Protection, customers now have a means to protect themselves against attacks without the need for reactive security patching or manual signature updates that are often too late to stop attacks. Vulnerability protection on both servers, and now desktops, gives enterprises control over their security in a way not possible before," said Matthew Powell, CEO of Determina.

Security attacks are growing in number and sophistication at the same time that laptops and mobile systems are increasingly exposed to unprotected network environments. Drive-by downloads, instant messaging (IM) worms, and other forms of malware are increasing, and desktops have emerged as a significant vector for efforts to install malware that compromises systems and steals valuable data. As the number of vulnerabilities continues to grow, security teams are losing the race to patch exposed systems, resulting in a tremendous number of compromised systems.

"The recent "zero-day" vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, such as WMF and createTextRange, have highlighted the way that hackers' tactics have evolved to become more insidious and harmful. Spyware is now increasingly using vulnerabilities in desktop software to automatically infect thousands of systems without the knowledge of the user. This new threat is a serious area of concern to security teams who cannot stop infected machines being brought back onto the network," said Nand Mulchandani, Vice President, Marketing. "Determina's VPS is the only product on the market that can protect customers against such zero-day vulnerabilities and associated attacks."

About Determina VPS

The Determina Vulnerability Protection Suite (VPS) is the only host intrusion prevention solution that offers Real-Time Vulnerability Protection(TM), which gives customers continuous security against known and unknown vulnerabilities without the interoperability issues or cost associated with reactive patching. Unlike other security technologies, VPS protects the actual vulnerability in software, and does not require the customer to rely on signatures, policies, or training for their protection. VPS complements existing "layered defense" technologies to give customers protection against threats that cannot be stopped by existing signature or behavior based security technologies.

About Determina

Determina is a leading provider of enterprise-class host intrusion prevention systems based on breakthrough technology developed at M.I.T. The Determina Vulnerability Protection Suite (VPS) is the first solution that offers Real Time Vulnerability Protection(TM), which delivers the highest levels of security without disrupting business operations. Unlike attack-oriented security technologies, vulnerability protection offers customers the ability to comprehensively address the security and operational issues around security and patching. Determina VPS offers comprehensive vulnerability protection though its two products -- Memory Firewall(TM), which provides proactive, zero-day protection for the most dangerous class of vulnerabilities, and LiveShield(TM), which provides precise vulnerability protection in real time. Determina is headquartered in Redwood City, CA with development offices in Cambridge, MA. Determina VPS is available today and being used by enterprise customers in industries demanding the highest level of availability such as manufacturing and financial services.

Source: Determina, Inc.

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