Software offers PKI-based authentication solution.

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Providing strong authentication, digital signature, and data protection, Digipass CertiID is client-based software suite with signing and encryption functionality as well as nonrepudiation of transactions. Certificates and keys are generated and managed on device and private key cannot be exported. Program supports multiple certificate authorities and logins and is offered in smartcard-, USB token-, and hybrid USB+OTP-token based solutions.

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VASCO Launches PKI-Based Authentication Solution

Digipass CertiID offers strong authentication, digital signature and data protection capabilities

OAKBROOK TERRACE, Ill., and ZURICH, Switzerland, 21st October 2008 - VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (Nasdaq: VDSI) ( ), a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announces the launch of Digipass CertiID, a PKI-based solution for strong authentication, digital signature and data protection. With the launch of this solution, VASCO strengthens its position as full option, all terrain authentication company offering solutions which go beyond one-time password (OTP) security solutions. The launch of Digipass CertiID is the first step in VASCO strategy towards a full PKI-based product line, including smart card based and USB-based solutions.

Digipass CertiID is a client-based software suite offering digital signature capabilities. Banks, enterprises and governments can use this PKI-based technology to sign transactions or confidential documents. The solution has been developed for large corporations including governments and banks, addressing specific authentication needs they might have, such as digital signing of highly sensitive information or documents, such as contracts. The confidentiality of these documents is guaranteed thanks to Digipass CertiID's signing and encryption functionality. Digipass CertiID also provides non-repudiation of transactions, as a result the integrity and origin of the data are proved and the transaction partner is authenticated.

Digipass CertiID is the ideal solution for strong authentication and digital signature when using PKI certificates and keys. The solution uses a smart card or a USB token. The certificates and keys are generated on the device when the user requests a certificate for the first time. The certificates and keys are managed on the smartcard or USB token and the private key can never be exported. Whenever a document or e-mail requires signing, a PIN code will be asked in order to access the certificates on the smartcard or USB token. Digipass CertiID supports multiple Certificate Authorities (Verisign, Microsoft, Entrust, Cybertrust, ...) and several logins (Web, Window, Citrix, ...) can be managed on a single device.

Digipass CertiID product benefits:

Strong authentication, secure access and secured transactions: with the smartcard or USB token, Digipass CertiID offers the ideal solution for protecting desktop access and securing data. The certificate and keys are managed on a single device, offering two factor authentication for signing/encrypting e-mail, transactions or corporate documents. For signing documents, a PIN code enables the operation.

One product for multiple supports: Digipass CertIID support multiple Certificate Authorities, multiple card manufacturers and several card operating systems (proprietary OS, Java)

Reduce helpdesk costs: DP CertiID has been designed to make the complexity of PKI accessible to the average computer user. The GUI is intuitive, requiring no prior knowledge of PKI technology for the user. The Digipass CertiID management console facilitates the management of smartcards, USB tokens, the initialisation of PIN/PUK codes for the security administrator.

Easy migration from static passwords: Digipass CertiID provides smooth migration from static passwords toward digital certificates thanks to the highly intuitive installation wizard.

Total cost of ownership: Digipass CertiID incorporates auto update functionality which can be activated upon installation. Built-in troubleshooting and diagnostic tools facilitate maintenance operations and the management of the solution by the security administrator.

Digipass CertiID also helps financial institutions to comply with the more stringent regulations for information security, such as described in Sarbanes-Oxley, Act Basel II, HIPAA and others. When used with Digipass Key 1, the USB token version of this solution, e-signature capability also complies with European legal recommendations and therefore is ideal for e-government applications.

Digipass CertiID comes in three different packaged solutions:

o Smartcard based: including a CD ROM with licence and documentation, and optional Digipass 905 card reader, two OS supported smartcards

o USB token based: including a CD ROM with licence and documentation, and the Digipass Key 1 USB token

o Hybrid USB+OTP token based including a CD ROM with licence and documentation, and the Digipass 860

VASCO also supplies a Software Development Kit for the integration of Digipass CertiID capability into third party applications or existing PKI environments.

"Identity theft and unauthorized access to corporate data are on the rise. Both can have a serious impact on customer trust in a company or on the company's reputation. Therefore companies need to rely on more secure access technologies. With Digipass CertiID, VASCO responds to increase in security breaches. Digipass CertiID offers PKI-based strong authentication, secure access and a means of securing transactions in one solution, thus addressing new and other needs for authentication.", says Jan Valcke, President & COO at VASCO Data Security.

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