Software offers mobile users access to enterprise data.

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WebSphere® Everyplace(TM) Access (WEA) v5.1 delivers client-server environment to extend business applications to mobile users. With back-end integration framework, software offers administration and management capability as well as complementary functions for building, deploying, and managing mobile solutions. It supports multiple applications from one infrastructure and supports connected and disconnected operations for real-time and intermittent access.

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IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access V5.1 Offers Your Mobile Employees Access to Enterprise Data and Applications

At a glance

New in WebSphere Everyplace Access (WEA) V5.1:

Expanded client and device support

Enhancements to client and server user interfaces, including tighter integration of Everyplace Client components and single sign-on capability

Enhancements to Personal Information Manager (PIM) and e-mail synchronization

Increased administrative flexibility for Everyplace Synchronization Server and device management

Improved installation and configuration

Expanded server platform and database support

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IBM WebSphere® Everyplace(TM) Access (WEA) V5.1 offers an integrated client-server environment to help extend business applications to mobile users. WEA V5.1 has a common back-end integration framework, common administration and management capability, and complementary functions for building, deploying and managing mobile solutions. An enterprise can use WEA V5.1 to help transform itself into an On Demand Business by extending access to critical information and applications.

An enterprise can also use WEA in mobile sales force and field force automation solutions and help improve productivity, increase revenue, and reduce cost of operations. WEA can support multiple applications from a single, integrated infrastructure. With WEA 5.1, independent software vendors (ISVs) and system integrators can build mobile solutions quickly and take advantage of existing skills, standards, and technologies.

WEA V5.1 supports devices that utilize a wide range of operating systems for handheld devices, including Palm OS, Pocket PC 2002, Research In Motion, Symbian, Windows(TM) Mobile 2003, and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. IBM intends to add capabilities to WEA and to add new devices for use with WEA. For details, refer to the Statement of direction section.

WEA V5.1 builds on the capabilities provided by earlier releases of WEA, including:

Personal Information Manager (PIM) and e-mail synchronization

Mobile instant messaging

Off-line browsing

Intelligent notification services

Device management

Location Aware Services

WEA V5.1 supports both connected and disconnected operations for real-time and intermittent access to enterprise back-end applications.

WEA Starter Edition V5.1

WEA Starter Edition V5.1 is for customers who want the benefits and full function of WEA, but who need to start on a smaller scale than is enabled by the processor licensing of WEA. WEA Starter Edition V5.1 provides the same program code as WEA, but has different pricing and licensing terms, and a usage limitation of 50 users.

WEA Starter Edition V5.1 allows customers to acquire the WEA V5.1 product for a smaller investment to meet current needs, then expand at their own pace. For more information or assistance, contact an IBM WebSphere software specialist or visit

Planned availability dates

July 29, 2005 (electronic software delivery)

August 22, 2005 (media and documentation)

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