Software offers information about continuous-forms printers.

Press Release Summary:

With Infoprint 4100 and 4000 Productivity Tracking feature, Infoprint® Productivity Suite provides information on events that have occurred during production. Program receives operational data from printer and converts it to DB2® format. Sample templates such as pecentage of time printing, estimated usage counts, estimated toner changes, and error frequency can be used to produce graphs and reports to help manage printing environment.

Original Press Release:

Infoprint Productivity Suite Provides Enhanced Management Control for Infoprint 4100 and 4000 Continuous-Forms Printers

The Infoprint® Productivity Suite is a new software package designed to provide more information about the operation of select IBM continuous-forms printers. This new software can be used to provide more insight into the production environment with the goal of improving efficiency.

With the Infoprint 4100 and Infoprint 4000 Productivity Tracking feature, the Infoprint Productivity Suite provides an integrated solution to enhance the information available on
events that have occurred during production. This information can be analyzed by printer, by operator, or by job.

This program receives operational data from the printer and converts it to a DB2® format so that management can have a broad base of information to assist in improving operating efficiency.

The program contains sample templates that display commonly requested data, such as:
o Percentage of time printing
o Estimated usage counts
o Estimated toner changes
o Error frequency
o Estimated printed foot count per job

These templates can be used to produce graphs and reports to help effectively manage the printing environment. Customers can
develop their own customized reports. Also, IBM PSD Professional
Services can provide this capability along with installation support.

Key prerequisites
The Infoprint Productivity Suite requires:
o A Windows(TM) PC with an Ethernet connection and connectivity to an Infoprint 4000 or Infoprint 4100 printer
o An Infoprint 4000 or Infoprint 4100 with the Productivity Tracking feature (#4565) with Ethernet connectivity to the Windows PC
o Microsoft(TM) Excel 2002 or Microsoft Excel 2003 to use the sample report templates provided

At a glance
The Infoprint Productivity Suite provides tools to build a database which will improve operational efficiency of Infoprint 4000 and Infoprint 4100 printers.

For ordering, contact:
Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or the Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL Reference: SE001

Planned availability date
October 8, 2004

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