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Software offers complete solution for network management.

Press Release Summary:

To eliminate emergency situations and facilitate IT infrastructure management and development, nVision v3.0 monitors all network devices and services, including web and mail servers, TCP/IP services, Windows services and system, as well as applications such as MS Exchange, MS SQL, and Oracle. To fight cyberslacking, program provides quantitative classification of worker's activities. It also helps eliminate legal risks by inventorying software and alerting users of new installations.

Original Press Release:

The First Complex Solution for Network Management - Axence nVision 3.0

Axence Software, Inc., a developer of network management solutions, announces the worldwide availability of the new Axence nVision version. The software has been enriched with several features, which respond not only to the network administrator's needs, but also to today's management issues. Until now, you would have had to buy a few different programs to be able to use functionalities such as: the monitoring of networks, servers, applications and routers; the monitoring of user work time, as well as Internet and computer usage; hardware and software inventory, including license usage audit; remote access to a user's workstation; and finally alerts and reports. From now on all you need is nVision.

Protection against threats
Proactive network monitoring, apart from eliminating emergency situations, also facilitates IT infrastructure management and development. nVision monitors all network devices and services: web and mail servers, TCP/IP services, Windows services and system, as well as applications like: MS Exchange, MS SQL, Oracle and many others. The program also monitors SNMP devices (routers and switches), which enables defining a physical topology of the network, generated network traffic and bandwidth usage.

A tool to fight Cyberslacking
The new nVision introduces user monitoring. Personal use of the Internet and PC during work hours (Cyberslacking) has become a real plague. The losses connected with this aspect are constantly growing. Considering the scale of these costs, the implementation of an intelligent worker monitoring system, which also provides quantitative classification of a worker's activities (working, chatting, Internet surfing, shopping, playing games, sending personal e-mails, etc.), definitely has an economic justification.

Illegal software in companies
Many businesses face serious legal risks due to software piracy, exposing themselves to severe civil and even potentially criminal penalties. Under the law, a company can be held liable for its employees' actions, even if management was unaware of these actions. This risk may be eliminatThis risk may be eliminated thanks to software inventory, which is included in the new nVision. The program not only automatically makes the inventory, but also alerts you about any new application installation.

License management and hardware inventory
Software inventory also enables efficient license management. It not only improves reliability and security, but also reduces costs related to the purchase and maintenance of software which is not fully used. This investment may pay off very quickly - when you avoid one or a few unnecessary license purchases. Hardware inventory is a very effective tool for administrators of bigger networks, which facilitates the coordination of hundreds of computers, the control of hardware configuration changes and the planning of new purchases.
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