Software notifies users along supply chain.

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NotifyNow! v4.0 alert system notifies users of self-subscribed events throughout production process. Customizable by each user, software sends messages via automated data collection, supported devices, fax message, or email message. Product supports customer orders, purchase order receipts, shop order issues, cycle count, ship confirm, and quality control. Additional support is provided for miscellaneous adjustments, production reporting, and IT systems reporting.

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iWork Announces Release of iWork NotifyNow!

Second of five business performance strategies to be offered in 2003 as the iWork Now! suite

Greensboro, NC - iWork Software announces the general release of NotifyNow! 4.0, an alert system that notifies users along a supply chain of self-subscribed events throughout the production process. Easily customizable by each user, NotifyNow! sends notifications by one or all of the following: a message via ADC (automated data collection); supported devices (RF, PDA, CE, etc.); a fax message; or an email message.

NotifyNow! is the second of five performance strategy solutions to be released in 2003 in the iWork Now! suite, a group of pre-built applications that integrate easily into existing infrastructures and applications, enabling end users to transact with existing systems in a secure, easy-to-learn environment.

"Built on iWork's advanced business process development tools and promoting the patented iWork integration methodology, the Now! suite is the packaging of years of experience meeting real-world supply chain needs into an application suite segmented by business process," says Terry Massey, iWork senior vice president of Sales & Operations. "The applications marry the configurable technology developed by iWork with the business logic gleaned from years of manufacturing and distribution experience, providing a quick-to-implement product that promotes a fast ROI."

NotifyNow! supports the following business processes:

o Customer Orders - notifies when: customer is placed on hold or order placed on hold; allocated item for order placed on back order due to no inventory; customer orders are not shipped as scheduled; before scheduled ship date, if it is not going to be met; short shipping on a customer order; and when an order is high priority for shipment.

o Purchase Order Receipts - notifies if: over-receipt or under-receipt, based on tolerance; customer order shortage exists for an item received; shop order shortage exists for an item; a negative Inventory balance occurs; inventory goes negative (and will display last 101 records); an item falls below re-order point; and when over receipt of PO occurs.

o Shop Order Issues - notifies when allocated items not issued; and when over-receipt of Shop Order occurs.

o Cycle Count - notifies of items to be cycle counted due to negative inventory.

o Ship Confirm - notifies when: order ready for shipping; order has shipped (registers interest by customer); and when order over a certain value is shipped.

o Quality Control - notifies when: container expires; lot expires; lot is about to expire within a set timeframe; container is about to expire within timeframe; where there are lots that need re-certification within timeframe.

o Miscellaneous Adjustments - notifies when a certain reason code is used.

o Production Reporting - notifies when operation completes (can select which operations are applicable).

o IT Systems Reporting - notifies when there is an error log on the operating system or when the message queue is full.

Other iWork Now! applications scheduled for release in 2003 include:

OrderNow! - A real time or batch wireless order entry system for processing orders regardless of location.

SupplyNow! - An electronic Kanban component that measures inventory levels against re-supply points and communicates with key vendors for replenishment.

VMINow! - Customer-facing, vendor-managed inventory that provides integrated visibility into customer POS or MRP systems for real time replenishment.

InventoryNow! (Released March 2003) - Configurable inventory management system that tracks all forms of inventory, from raw materials to WIP to finished goods to shipments.

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iWork Software delivers solutions that improve customers' operational performance, reduce cost, increase profitability and improve supply chain responsiveness. Using industry standard technologies for the most robust integration with all types of platforms and data sources, iWork products are installed in global corporations throughout North America, Latin America and Europe, serviced directly and through an extensive global partner network. For more information, visit

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