Software migrates Applikon controllers onto DeltaV.

Press Release Summary:

TruConnect(TM) enables users of Applikon 1010/1030 controllers to utilize functionality available when these units are placed on DeltaV controller enabled by TruBio(TM) OS. It acts as serial interface between Applikon 1010/1030 controllers and DeltaV, converting ASCII command set and mapping it to Modbus protocol used by TruBio(TM) OS. With this solution, single DeltaV-enabled TruLogic(TM) Controller can manage up to 8 Applikon 1010/1030 units.

Original Press Release:

Applikon and Finesse Announce Solution for Migrating 1010/1030 Controllers Onto DeltaV

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 16 -- Finesse Solutions, LLC, Applikon Biotechnology B.V. and Applikon Biotechnology Inc, announced the launch of a solution for migrating 1010/1030 controllers onto the DeltaV enabled TruLogic(TM) Controller and TruBio(TM) OS software. This solution, known as TruConnect(TM), is designed to enable users of either the Applikon 1010 and/or 1030 controllers to take full advantage of the additional functionality available when these units are placed on a DeltaV controller enabled by the TruBio(TM) OS.

The role of TruConnect(TM) is to act as a serial interface between the Applikon 1010/1030 controller and DeltaV. To accomplish this role TruConnect(TM) converts the ASCII command set of the Applikon controller and maps it to the Modbus protocol used by the TruBio(TM) OS. The design of TruConnect(TM) allows for a single DeltaV enabled TruLogic(TM) Controller to manage up to eight (8) of the Applikon 1010/1030 units at a competitive price.

Applikon's President, John Chory, stated, "The collaboration with Finesse has enabled us to ensure our customers that their substantial investment in our control products over the years can be easily migrated to an Applikon supported DeltaV solution whenever they require."

"We developed our TruConnect(TM) technology to assist industry leaders such as Applikon in realizing a new, fast, reliable and cost competitive way of interfacing their devices to DeltaV," said Larry West, Executive V.P. Sales and Marketing at Finesse.

About Finesse

California based Finesse is a global leader in process measurement and control technologies. Our family of products -- TruBio(TM), TruLogic(TM), TruViu(TM), TruCell(TM), TrupH(TM), and TruDO(TM), provide comprehensive solutions for measurement and control processes in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. For more information, please visit us at

About Applikon Biotechnology B.V.

Applikon Biotechnology is a privately owned Dutch company that develops, manufactures and supplies bioreactor systems for research and production. Founded in 1973, Applikon has grown into a global enterprise capable of supplying a broad and diverse line of bioreactor systems and a leading supplier of bioreactor solutions for R&D, Pilot and cGMP. Applikon's autoclavable bioreactor systems are the worldwide industry standard. Applikon controllers comply with the highest standards applied in the pharmaceutical industry for bio-processes under GMP conditions.

Applikon is headquartered in Schiedam, the Netherlands, with major operations in Foster City (USA), Eckington (UK), and distributors in more than 16 countries. For more information, please visit us at

CONTACT: Larry West, +1-949-302-9652, for Finesse

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