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IDEAM CE is graphics-oriented application development environment, and IDEAM Server is Windows-based, configurable, multi-tiered middleware server. Together, they provide development tools that enable users to create graphical data collection applications for Microsoft CE/POCKET PC compatible PDAs. Products facilitate open database connectivity, wireless networking, custom ActiveX-based application development, and ERP host connectivity.

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TEKLYNX Introduces IDEAM CE and IDEAM Server to North American Market

MILWAUKEE - Aug. 30, 2005 - TEKLYNX® International, the world's leading developer of software products for the AIDC marketplace, today introduced its IDEAM CE and Server data collection products to the North American market. The IDEAM products provide easy development tools for non-technical designers to create graphical data collection applications for Microsoft CE/POCKET PC compatible PDAs; they also facilitate open database connectivity, wireless networking, custom ActiveX-based application development, and ERP host connectivity. IDEAM is a proven data collection product since TEKLYNX has been actively marketing it in Europe over the last few years. Easy mobile data collection application development IDEAM CE is a graphics-oriented application development environment that requires no programming to create powerful mobile applications. It supports a wide range of popular next generation barcode scanners and 2-D imagers based on the CE operating system employing pre-defined objects to walk non-technical users through the development process to quickly create applications. Capabilities include: Interface tools - Designers can drag & drop user interface fields for check boxes, list boxes, buttons, frames, drawings and text simply by selecting the item from a menu. Controls - Designers can drag form controls, such as name, location, behavior on entry, validation, file locations, error handling, etc. directly onto the form. Control behavior is configured using a Windows standard properties page. Pocket PC previews and simulations - IDEAM CE includes a universal Microsoft Pocket PC simulator that enables designers to preview the look and feel of the application on a personal computer during the development process. Windows/database services support - As a full-function development tool, IDEAM CE accesses a range of services including device network configuration and administration, upload/download support, and ODBC, dBase and FoxPro database support. Pocket PC-independent applications - IDEAM CE creates universal applications for virtually any Pocket PC. Certified Pocket PC data terminals for RF LAN and Cradle-supported communications include Casio, HHP, Intermec, Progenie, Psion, Symbol and other compatible devices. Intermec and Progenie data terminals are also supported for GSM/GPRS mobile applications. The end result is a device-independent executable program that is presented to Pocket PC users as an icon on their screens. Mobile users simply select the icon to launch the application and then enjoy full connectivity and data interchange with enterprise systems over local area or wide area networks. "IDEAM CE, when coupled with IDEAM Server, creates a single data collection environment that extends from remote sites to the enterprise," said Tony Ferrara, TEKLYNX data collection product manager. "It leverages established wireless technologies, advanced graphical development tools and the latest in enterprise-level integration. It's ideal for inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, field service, healthcare and other industries; anywhere that requires remote data collection and enterprise integration." IDEAM Server completes the process IDEAM CE provides open Internet file transfer and communication tools, as well as reliable transaction-oriented communication through the IDEAM Server to database management systems, custom enterprise applications, and ERP systems. IDEAM Server is a Windows-based, configurable, multi-tiered middleware server that: AIDC/MC - Manages all the AIDC/MC functions across a network of devices. Administration - Provides a standard administration platform to configure, monitor, and manage all of the components of a data collection system, including portable data collection devices, fixed readers, wired and wireless printers, and mobile computing platforms. Communications management - Manages communications interfaces to ERP and database management systems, as well as custom application modules via an ActiveX interface. It also offers support for OCX controls providing flexibility to integrate IDEAM Server with existing systems and applications. IDEAM CE and IDEAM Server are available immediately to the North American market through TEKLYNX resellers and systems integrators. They are also available in Western Europe. Information about TEKLYNX' IDEAM products is available at: About TEKLYNX TEKLYNX International is the leading software developer of AIDC products including software for label design, host connectivity, and data collection. Its software products feature the widest range of device and driver support in the industry. TEKLYNX is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has connectivity relationships with multiple ERP software providers. Over 400,000 companies in 120 countries rely on its integrated software solutions for supply chain automation, warehouse management, shipping and receiving, inventory control and asset management. The company is headquartered in Milwaukee with operations in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Singapore, and Canada. More information on TEKLYNX International is available at TEKLYNX is a registered trademark and IDEAM is a trademark of Braton Groupe sarl or its affiliated companies. AIDC-Automatic Identification & Data Collection ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning ODBC-Open Data Base Connectivity RF-Radio Frequency LAN-Local Area Network GSM-Global System for Mobile Communication GPRS-General Packet Radio Service AIDC/MC-Automatic Identification and Data Collection/Mobile Computing OCX-Microsoft OLE [Object Linking and Embedding] Control Extension

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