Software manages acquisition and imaging of UT signals.

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Offering real time imaging of ultrasonic (UT) signals, UltraVision(TM) acquisition software features graphic interface with user defined screen layouts and automated tools that facilitate analysis of data files generated by any data acquisition unit. Similar interface for all operations eliminates need for training when user switches between data acquisition systems. Operating under Windows 2000/XP®, software is suited for on-site or laboratory work.

Original Press Release:

Zetec Introduces Powerful UT Acquisition Software - UltraVision(TM)

SNOQUALMIE, WASHINGTON - Zetec, Inc., a leading supplier of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) equipment introduces UtraVision(TM) a powerful software package that manages acquisition and real time imaging of UT (ultrasonic) signals, as well as offline analysis of previously acquired data. The software features an easy to use graphic interface that offers great flexibility via user-defined screen layouts that can be saved for rapid retrieval. All system operations have a similar interface that eliminates additional training when operators switch from one acquisition unit to another. Running efficiently on either small laptop computers, or on high-end desktop workstations, UltraVision operates under both Windows 2000® and Windows XP®, making it the ideal tool for either on-site or laboratory work.

"Zetec understands that product continuity is important for its customers. Therefore, we have conceived UltraVision as an evolution of the TomoView software products that were previously developed by our team", states Guy Maes, UT Applications Manager for Zetec, Inc. To preserve the technical justification for existing qualifications, Zetec has demonstrated the equivalency between UltraVision 1.0 and TomoView 2.2. in both data acquisition and analysis. UT personnel already proficient with TomoView will not require any additional training to operate the new UltraVision software. This complete software application is capable of handling analysis of data files generated by Zetec's past and current ultrasonic acquisition units, and any previous TomoView versions along with large data files of up to 1 Gigabyte. In addition, UltraVision can be used for setup and data acquisition operations with Zetec's various conventional and phased array ultrasonic equipment. UltraVision also provides automated tools to facilitate advanced data analysis according to various industry standards. Other new features include Advanced Focal Law Calculator, Log Viewer, Assisted Analysis, Polar View, Off-line DAC and DAC sizing, Graphical Tools, Probe Characterization, multi-pane viewing, and Projected View of Sectorial Scan.

About Zetec
Zetec, founded in 1968, is a leading provider of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) inspection solutions based on integrated multi-method technologies - eddy current, ultrasonic, remote field, and magnetic flux leakage. The company portfolio includes a complete line of systems, instrumentation, software products, supplies, calibration, repair, training, and inspection services, all offered worldwide. Zetec, a trusted partner in mission critical inspection applications for the power generation industry, is headquartered near Seattle in Snoqualmie, Washington with offices in Quebec City, Canada, and Paris, France. For more information about Zetec's products and services, visit or contact Customer Service at or Zetec, Inc., 8226 Bracken Place SE, Suite 100, Snoqualmie WA, USA, 98065 - Phone: 425 974-2700 or Fax: 425 974-2701.

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