Software locates source of production bottleneck.

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The nTrace(TM) function of 4C@Site analyzes impact of current conditions of production order at any level of Bill of Material by locating production constraints and determining optimal corrective action. Instant individual and departmental messaging provides collaboration regarding work order status, shop operations, equipment availability, and related resources availability. Engine provides real-time, continuous information for contentions for resources, monitors process, and sends alerts.

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nMetric's(TM) 4C(TM) Dynamically Locates Source of Production Bottleneck

nTrace(TM) Provides Users with Full Level Pegging of BOM

COSTA MESA, CALIF. - November 26, 2002 - nMetric today announced that mid-sized manufacturers can now use 4C@Site's nTrace tool to analyze the impact of current conditions of a production order at any level of the Bill of Material (BOM). nTrace provides analytical capabilities that lets users drill down the BOM to determine why orders are late or on time.

"With nTrace, a user can quickly locate production bottlenecks and determine the best corrective action," explains Tom Carpenter, nMetric CEO. "By drilling down the BOM, a user can find out which production orders are being affected by another production order or if a group of production orders are harming a priority production order."

According to Carpenter, executives in mass customization manufacturing organizations need to immediately know exactly what is happening on the shop floor in terms of equipment, material, labor resources and time. With nTrace locating the bottleneck, a user can then figure out if a specific order be completed on a certain day or not.

"Management now has the information to make intelligent decisions," Carpenter emphasizes. "Are we able to rob parts from Peter to pay Paul without hurting Peter? Since Machine 2 is down, what does that mean to our big order that's due two days for our priority customer? Will problems we've encountered on this order affect it? Can we accept a new order needing shipment on Wednesday? These and other questions can now be answered by pinpointing production problems as they exist and understanding their ramifications on other and upcoming production orders."

Carpenter asserts that the ability to immediately drilldown and locate production constraints is what mid-sized manufacturers need to better schedule, monitor, track and optimize their shop floors and related activities. With 4C, users can institute instant individual and departmental "messaging" and collaboration regarding the status of work orders, shop operations, equipment availability and related resources availability. The "always on" engine allows management to receive real time, continuous information concerning the current and future performance and integrity of shop floor activities. 4C reveals their contentions for resources, monitors the entire process and sends alerts (via email, cell phone, PDA, etc.) when unexpected events create delays or contentions in the delivery schedule.

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nMetric's 4C system is the only software that provides mid-sized and smaller manufacturers with live scheduling, monitoring and tracking, messaging updates and analyses so that they can completely oversee all steps of their manufacturing process and proactively supervise the dynamics of their supply chain in real time to accurately predict what will happen. Company headquarters are at 3070 South Bristol Avenue, Costa Mesa, Calif. 92626. Phone is 888-561-9700. Website is

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