Software links computers to GPS Wireless Clock System.

Press Release Summary:

Computer Time Sync ensures that computer networks and stand-alone PCs are synchronized with GPS Wireless Clock System. Receiving unit picks up time signals from system's transmitter and sends them to desktop computers or servers. Software runs on Windows-based operating systems, and Computer Time Sync plugs into serial port using 9-pin serial cable. It includes 11½ in. antenna, 120 Vac power supply, and 5 ft RS232 attached data cable.

Original Press Release:

Get Your Network in Line with Perfect Time

Easy-to-install software links your computers to GPS Wireless Clock System

Lake Geneva, Wis.-The GPS Wireless Clock System from Primex Wireless brings the world's most accurate time to your facility. Now, with the Computer Time Sync, you can ensure the same precision in your computer networks and stand-alone personal computers.

Once the GPS Wireless Clock System is installed, it's easy to extend synchronization to your computers-so the time on your employees' computers always matches the time on the wall. The Computer Time Sync features a receiving unit that picks up time signals from the system's transmitter and sends them to desktop computers or servers (which in turn sends the time updates to all workstations on the network). The software that communicates the time data is simple to load on Windows-based operating systems.

The Computer Time Sync plugs into an available serial port using a 9-pin serial cable. It also includes an 11-1/2" antenna mounted on top of the unit's housing, 120V AC power supply, and a 5-foot RS232 attached data cable.

The GPS Wireless Clock System and Computer Time Sync unit are made in Primex Wireless's manufacturing facility in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Call 800-537-0464 for a free on-site demonstration or visit for more information.

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing time-related products, the Primex Family of Companies has more than 300 employees. Its manufacturing division, Quartex, has made more than 100 million clock motors. Primex Wireless is a U.S. federal government GSA supplier.


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