Software is foundation for efficiency boosting applications.

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SYSPRO solutions leverage Microsoft .NET Framework and XML standard as foundation for customizable Web-based applications/services. Component-based architecture enables users to detect and react to events, automate processes, and capture information about said events. Software also allows users to directly access business functionality within SYSPRO via Web site, wireless device, or e-mail.

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SYSPRO solutions Is Foundation of New, Efficiency Boosting Applications

ANAHEIM, Calif. - WestPack - February 19, 2003 - SYSPRO, Costa Mesa, Calif.-based developers of enterprise software for manufacturers and distributors, said that the recently introduced SYSPRO solutions is now being used to build efficiency boosting applications by firms in a variety of industries.

SYSPRO solutions is one of the first products on the market to leverage the Microsoft .NET Framework and the XML standard as the foundation for a new generation of customizable Web-based applications/services that extend the enterprise for manufacturers and distributors. SYSPRO solutions, a component-based architecture, provides a highly cost-effective way for SYSPRO customers to integrate other best-of-breed applications, maximize business-to-business trading and leverage wireless connectivity. SYSPRO solutions offers a standard way of directly accessing the business functionality within SYSPRO via a Web site, wireless device, or even e-mail without compromising the business rules and security inherent in SYSPRO software.

"The solutions possible with SYSPRO solutions are limited only by imagination," said Brian Stein, president, SYSPRO US. He cites several examples of SYSPRO solutions-based applications currently in development:

A trailer manufacturer wanted to speed inventory information to resellers without their having to either phone or fax the company. The solution was developed using ASP.NET, SYSPRO Report Writer and SYSPRO solutions. From a Web page, resellers select or enter the stock codes they want to query. The Web page calls the SYSPRO Report Writer business object, passing on the report name and parameters. The report is run with results passed back to the page as an XML string. The page then formats the XML data and renders the report in the browser. The required information is delivered in seconds.

In yet another example, a company selling educational CDs uses SYSPRO and Airborne Logistic Services (ALS) to manage a warehouse facility and fill orders. An interface between SYSPRO and ALS takes incoming sales orders and automatically routes them to ALS through a Web service. In turn, when ALS mails an order, the company is notified by means of an XML transaction. The SYSPRO Document Flow Manager automatically receives the file and consumes the XML information. The sales order items are marked as shipped, and the status of the sales order is updated automatically in real-time in the SYSPRO system. The invoices are printed, and the automated fulfillment process is complete.

Uponor Canada manufactures a wide range of plastic pipe systems for portable water, gas distribution, plumbing, heating and telecommunications. The warehouse had been utilizing a proprietary data collection system which required manual down- and uploads to the SYSPRO database through a batch mechanism. Because the system was not real-time, the company's Customer Service Representatives could not reliably provide order information nor inventory availability to customers. There was also the need to roll out wireless order picking to three new warehouse locations. Using SYSPRO solutions, a wireless online order fulfillment solution was developed that validates information in real time and updates the SYSPRO database as picking occurs in the warehouses. The centrally hosted application is available to all Uponor locations through a Web browser.

"Managing customers and suppliers effectively is critical to survival in tough economic times and competitive business environments," said Stein. "By using technology, such as SYSPRO solutions, that can detect and react to an event (such as a customer placing an order), processes can be automated and information about these events captured once only. Having the facility to rapidly react to these events translates into reduced operating costs and a competitive edge."

SYSPRO is a world leader in providing manufacturing, distribution and financial accounting software solutions with thousands of installations in more than 50 countries.

SYSPRO is one of the world's most honored software companies. Recent milestones include: The K2 Quality Award for "Installation Channel/Methodology" for the SYSPRO STARS Implementation Methodology; Voted Number One in 2002 Middle Market ERP Software Survey Conducted by Accounting Research; Recipient of START Magazine's First Annual Vision Award (2001) and "Hottest Company" designation for three years; Named Finalist for Developer of Year (2002) by Software Council of Southern California; Ranked Among World's Top Software Companies by MSI Magazine, Managing Automation Magazine, Logistics Management Magazine and Software Magazine; and Given Highest Ratings in Accounting and Manufacturing Software Reviews by CPA Software News for ten consecutive years. SYSPRO was also a nominee for AEA Software Developer of the Year.

SYSPRO software is marketed worldwide through offices in the U.S., Canada, Africa, Australia and the U.K.

SYSPRO headquarters for the Americas are located in Costa Mesa, Calif., from which the company markets SYSPRO supply chain software to established and emerging companies in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. or email

For additional information, please contact Stan Goodrich at 714/437-1000, x248, or email:

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