Software is designed for punching, bending, and cutting.

Press Release Summary:

Operating on Windows 95/98/NT/2000®, CADMAN integrated, PC-based, CAD/CAM system includes CAD design, punching, and laser cutting modules with auto-nesting capabilities. It supports various punching and laser cutting machines, and offers database part and program management systems. Automated 3D folding/unfolding, seamless importing of 2D and 3D parts, machine visualization, program simulation, and integration with fabrication equipment is included.

Original Press Release:

Strippit/LVD Introduced New Version Of CAD/CAM Software Package For Punching, Bending, Laser Cutting Applications

Akront, New York - Strippit/LVD introduces a new version of CADMAN offline programming software for CNC turret punch presses, laser cutting machines and press brakes: CADMAN-L 3D for laser cutting, CADMAN-P 3D for punching, and CADMAN-B 3D for bending.

CADMAN is an integrated, PC-based, CAD/CAM system that operates on Windows 95/98/NT/2000®. The new CADMAN product line includes a powerful new CAD design module, new punching and laser cutting modules with improved auto-nesting capabilities, extensive support for a wide variety of punching and laser cutting machines, as well as a powerful database part and program management system.

Focusing on productivity-enhancing features, CADMAN includes automated 3D folding/unfolding, seamless importing of 2D and 3D parts, machine visualization, program simulation and superior integration with fabricating equipment.


CADMAN's automatic functions simplify programming and increase the productivity and flexibility of the sheet metal fabrication process, while its complete integration provides a total fabricating solution with just a single CAD/CAM tool.

CADMAN software provides easy, sheet metal oriented CAD functions for the design of formed and fabricated parts and offers intelligent importing of 3D wire frame parts, 3D solid model parts and 2D flat pattern layouts.

A powerful, customizable database management system for storage of parts and sheet layouts provides an easy to use tool for the organization and classification of production jobs, inventory
tracking and material requirements. Comprehensive reporting capability is available for part manufacturing, material and machine utilization.


CADMAN-L 3D incorporates fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual nesting and optimizes cutting and machine parameters to maximize sheet utilization for laser cutting systems. This software module allows the user to configure lead-ins/lead-outs and allows for cutting path optimization, common line cutting and high-speed communications and networking to maximize
machine productivity.


The CADMAN-P 3D module for turret punch presses provides automatic tool selection and turret configuration, including the identification of optimum tool stations and turret loading. This
software module provides full support for all standard and advanced punching functions, including Auto-Index stations, Multi-Tools, standard and special punches, forming, embossing, tapping, stamping and rolling tools and includes the same powerful automatic nesting features as CADMAN-L 3D.


The CADMAN-B 3D module simplifies the programming of formed parts and automatically determines the bend sequence, automatic gauging and tool selection, all optimized for minimum tool
stations and part turns. This software module provides accurate and detailed profile drawings, 3D visualization and automatically communicates directly with the press brake control.

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