Software invoices storage and transportation costs.

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Configurable Dispatcher-ActivityBilling software package tracks storage and movement of inventory for warehoused products, attaches cost to every transaction within warehouse, and sends invoices based on client-specific variables. System allows 3PLs to charge for services such as kitting, repacking, and returns handling. Using web-based screens, users can monitor billable activity collated from multiple sites in multiple languages and currencies.

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LIS' Dispatcher-ActivityBilling Brings Additional Cost Management to the Supply Chain

New Software Enables Invoicing of Warehouse Storage, Transportation Costs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (December 18, 2002) -- Companies wanting to invoice their customers for costs associated with the movement, storage, and transportation of warehoused products, can do so using Dispatcher-ActivityBilling- the latest software solution from LIS, a world leader in warehouse management and supply chain visibility solutions.

Highly configurable, this new software package not only tracks the storage of inventory and its movement, but allows companies to attach a cost to every transaction within the warehouse and send an invoice based on client-specific variables.

"Businesses must be able to analyze costs accurately and have the ability to break down the information by client, department, or even product range," said Bob Carver, vice president of sales and marketing for LIS. "The development of Dispatcher-ActivityBilling was driven by the needs of our customers, both in the general market and in third-party logistics, where we are a leading vendor of supply chain solutions."

Using Dispatcher-ActivityBilling, both third-party logistics and public warehousing providers can accurately track activity for multiple clients within a single warehouse and manage complex invoicing contracts, including sliding-scale charges. In addition, the system allows 3PLs to accurately charge for value-added services such as kitting, repacking and returns handling- including the associated quality control assessments.

Dispatcher-ActivityBilling also allows overheads, such as insurance costs, to be added manually and reflected across a volume of work. Companies that cross-charge to internal divisions, will have a detailed understanding of actual operational costs, whether they are fulfilling an order, storing a pallet or unloading a truck.

Dispatcher-ActivityBilling can be integrated with LIS' Dispatcher-WMS, a market-leading warehouse management system (WMS). Alternatively, it can be used as a standalone product by receiving inventory-related data from any WMS or supply chain system., When interfaced with a yard management system, it enables companies to charge back the amount of time spent moving trailers around the yard on behalf of a particular customer.

All screens are web-based, allowing the customer to monitor billable activity over the Internet. The system will collate information from multiple sites and in multiple languages and currencies depending on the requirements of each customer. It also records activities unrelated to inventory movement and storage, such as cleaning and maintenance.

About LIS
LIS is a global provider of flexible, innovative warehouse management and supply-chain event management solutions. Established in 1985, the company serves manufacturers, distributors and retailers on four continents through offices in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the United States. The U.S. head office is located in Charlotte, N.C. For more information, visit LIS online at

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