Software integrates well planning and drilling applications.

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Paradigm Sysdrill(TM) v3.0 is product suite of well planning and drilling software solutions that combines new modules with existing software in single unified application. Components include automatic well planning, advanced target definition, casing wear prediction, dual gradient modeling, and temperature modeling. It also includes well control kill sheet, volume calculator, packer calculation, and DEX/WITSML interoperability.

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Paradigm(TM) Unveils Sysdrill(TM) Version 3.0 for Integrated Well Planning and Drilling

Unified software suite offers new functionality and unprecedented levels of integration

ANAHEIM, Calif., Nov. 12 / / -- Paradigm(TM) (, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions to the global oil and natural gas exploration and production industry, announces the release of Paradigm Sysdrill(TM) Version 3.0. The new version is an evolved product suite of well planning and drilling software solutions that combines powerful new modules with existing functionality in a single unified application.

Paradigm Sysdrill Version 3.0 focuses on four areas of improvement to existing industry software: functionality, efficiency, accessibility and interoperability. The software features significant enhancements to existing Sysdrill technology, including the following advanced components:

o Automatic well planning
o Advanced target definition
o Casing wear prediction
o Dual gradient modeling
o Temperature modeling
o Well control kill sheet
o Volume calculator
o Packer calculation
o DEX/WITSML interoperability

"Paradigm Sysdrill Version 3.0 reinforces Paradigm's continuing commitment to the investment and development of well planning and drilling engineering applications," said Duane Dopkin, Paradigm's senior vice president of technology. "We recognize the energy market's demand for drilling software technologies that are independent of traditional rig site services, and our unbiased solutions help our customers achieve their drilling objectives without conflict of interest."

"Market analysis shows that loosely integrated software applications detract time and focus from drilling operations and are a leading cause of dissatisfaction among well planners and drilling engineers," said Robert Innes, director of well planning and drilling at Paradigm. "For over 20 years, Sysdrill's mission has been to develop integrated drilling engineering applications, and Paradigm Sysdrill Version 3.0's advancements reach unprecedented levels of product integration to enable faster, easier use and productivity-driven workflows."

Paradigm Sysdrill Version 3.0 is the cornerstone of Paradigm's Well Planning and Drilling functional discipline -- a component of the company's workflow-driven framework of integrated software solutions for each step of the E&P value chain.

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