Software integrates applications with 3D PLM solutions.

Press Release Summary:

Component Application Architecture Rapid Application Development Environment v5.12 helps leverage Web application integration with 3D PLM solutions. It delivers access to 3,000+ component-based APIs across PLM solutions, has open standard architecture, and allows for vendor software application development. Tools include Data Model Customizer, C++ Interactive Dashboard, Multi-Workspace Application Builder, C++ API Documentation Generator, visual merger, and Teamwork Release Manager.

Original Press Release:

CAA RADE V5.12: Customize, Extend, and Integrate with the CATIA and ENOVIA V5 Family of Products

At a glance

Component Application Architecture Rapid Application Development Environment (CAA RADE) V5.12 delivers:

Unprecedented openness - Access to more than 3,000 component-based APIs across the range of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions

Unequalled value - Integration of customer know-how and added value applications

Enablement of vendor software application development to expand PLM solutions

Fast development of robust and durable applications with open standard architecture

Productivity-driven, standard-compliant toolkits to produce Windows and UNIX® V5 applications


CAA RADE V5.12 introduces new capabilities to leverage Web application integration with 3D PLM solutions. CAA V5.12 delivers:

New wizards in CAA - Web Application Composer (WAC) to augment Web application integration tools.

New functions for the following products:

CAA - Data Model Customizer: XML schema creation for ENOVIA V5 LCA metadata or Unified Modeling Language (UML) standard model, and leveraging of ENOVIA V5 LCA modeler customization deployment to a production site.

CAA - C++ Interactive Dashboard (CID): Full usage of CAA - Source Code Manager (SCM) features in CID code generator

CAA - Multi-Workspace Application Builder (MAB): Support for ActiveX control and CAB (Microsoft(TM) Cabinet format) generation

CAA - C++ API Documentation Generator: New feature for documentation of MACRO usage, and parameterization of COPYRIGHT (used to protect the intellectual property of the owner of code) information

CAA - SCM: New visual merger to ease the source conflict resolution and Windows® XP support for both client and server

CAA - Teamwork Release Manager (TRM): Wizard-based for release graph creation, allowing any single developer to build its own release

New operating support:

AIX® V5.1

WebSphere® Studio Application Developer (WSAD) 5.0 for CAA - Java(TM) Interactive Dashboard (JID) and CAA - WAC

Microsoft Visual.Net Version 7.0 for Dialog builder in the CID product and for the CAA - Data Model Customizer (DMC) product

Increased process coverage of CAA V5-based applications - 14 new CATIA product APIs (for details, refer to CAA RADE V5 Products (content information) for a complete list of APIs)

Key prerequisites

CAA RADE V5 runs on selected system levels of:

Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows XP


Hewlett Packard HP-UX


Sun Solaris

Consideration should also be given to intended run-time environment, applications being developed, their target platforms and operating systems.

Planned availability date

September 19, 2003

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