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Lavastorm Desktop provides set of packaged data analytics and can process any data volume that desktop processors can handle. It encapsulates all necessary DAQ and analytic components, enabling individual information workers to acquire and correlate disparate data from multiple sources. Also, users can capture and codify rules that govern vulnerable business processes as well as execute library-driven data analytics to de-risk processes and unearth hidden value of data.

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Martin Dawes Analytics Announces Lavastorm Desktop Product

Data Analytic Capabilities Enable Capital Constrained Companies to Improve Order-to-Cash and Strengthen Complex Business Processes

BOSTON, March 2 -- Martin Dawes Analytics, a leading global data analytics software provider, today announced the formal launch of their Lavastorm Desktop product, extending the proven capabilities of its server product to enable individual information workers with a powerful, cost efficient tool to optimize revenue and cost performance, and improve transparency of complex businesses. Lavastorm Desktop provides a rich set of packaged data analytics capabilities and can process significant data volumes on a desktop machine. These capabilities are needed by those workers tasked with solving complex analytic challenges that are associated with order-to-cash and other data and logic-intensive processes.

The beta version of the Lavastorm Desktop has been successfully tested and is now being used by communication providers, media and utility companies in North America, EMEA, and Asia/Pacific. Lavastorm Desktop encapsulates all the necessary data acquisition and analytic components in a single desktop, enabling individual information workers to acquire and correlate disparate data from multiple sources; capture and codify complex and conditional business rules that govern vulnerable business processes; and execute a set of library-driven data analytics to de-risk processes and unearth the hidden value of the data. With Lavastorm Desktop, information workers can:

-- Model and analyze the conditional logic in order-to-cash, independent of the data source, data architecture, data volumes, and level of business complexity;
-- Apply an agile, visual discovery and analytic method to gain transparency to the data and logic at the atomic level, and to build and execute logical, traceable analytic steps;
-- Extend the analytic reach across the entire order-to-cash process with a single tool.

"The Lavastorm Desktop changes today's data analytic paradigm, disrupting the notion that you have to spend heavily on hardware, software and people in order to undercover and resolve the data issues that are costing global businesses billions of dollars," said Drew Rockwell, CEO of Martin Dawes Analytics. "Complex ad-hoc analytic projects can now be executed in days, dramatically shortening time-to-value and providing facts and funds to help business and IT executives identify those processes that need automated, persistent controls. In this economic climate, we believe the marketplace is looking for suppliers to disrupt the traditional price performance curve -- and we believe the Lavastorm desktop is the first data analytic tool to deliver on that goal."

Leveraging the Lavastorm Desktop, customers and partners can apply the tool across the entire order-to-cash process; from focused revenue assurance analytics, to complaint analytics that reduce operational cost while enhancing customer experience and creating rapid value. The software is comprised of five core capabilities: ETL functionality to acquire virtually any data at volumes only limited by the desktop processor; library analytic assets that users can assemble to solve complex problems; core data analytics to create a rich analytic foundation from multiple data sources; advanced analytics to uncover, explain; and resolve errors or uncover hidden value; and visualization to provide a logical, intuitive canvas for technical and business users alike.

About Martin Dawes Analytics

Martin Dawes Analytics is a leading global data analytic software company focused on maximizing cash from and improving the performance of complex processes, such as order-to-cash. The Lavastorm Analytic Platform provides data and logic transparency at the atomic level, scales to any level of complexity, is extensible across order-to-cash, and delivers both ad hoc analytics and automated controls within one analytic environment. This capability delivers powerful solutions, such as revenue assurance, fraud management, cost validation, customer management, risk management, and core data analytics. For more information, visit or call +1 617 345 5422 ext. 244.

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