Software imports census-based demographic data into MS Excel.

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CDXZipStream imports over 100 items of demographic data according to zip code, state, county, or area code. All data is stored in local database, enabling fast retrieval. Suited for large and small businesses, software does not require programming, complex queries, or cut and paste. If there are any changes to list of zip codes in Excel workbook, all corresponding demographic data is updated automatically, ensuring data accuracy.

Original Press Release:

CDX Technologies Introduces CDXZIPstream

May 22, 2008

CDX Technologies is pleased to announce the release of their new software CDXZipStream, for importing zip code and other census-based demographic data into Microsoft Excel. Over 100 items of demographic data are available through CDXZipStream according to zip code, state, county or area code. A fully-functional evaluation program can be downloaded at

"Our clients asked for something fully compatible with Microsoft Excel so they could analyze demographic information within a familiar software environment," says CDX Technologies president Bill Hughes. "But you don't need to be an expert in Excel to use CDXZipStream - we have a simple, patented user interface that makes it very easy to specify exactly what data you want and where you want it in your spreadsheet."

No programming, complex queries or awkward cut and paste are required. All data is stored in a local database, so retrieval is very fast. Since CDXZipStream is not a web service there are no access issues with corporate or computer firewalls, and a one-time purchase of data means there are no continuing subscription-based fees. Database updates are available on an as-needed basis.

One of the unique features of CDXZipStream is its use of dynamic formulas to extract demographic data into Excel. So if there any changes to a list of zip codes in an Excel workbook, for example, all corresponding demographic data will be automatically updated. This also means that any updates to the local database will automatically be reflected in the workbook as soon as it is opened - data accuracy is ensured with no extra effort required by the user.

CDXZipStream is a very economical alternative to more expensive demographic database software, and combined with its ease of use and full compatibility with Microsoft Excel, it is well-suited to serve the needs of large and small businesses as well as academic and non-profit organizations.

CDX Technologies sells software and services solutions for client data exchange. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Financial Services, Inc. of Randolph, New Jersey. For more information, please call 1-877-CDX-TEC1 (1-877-239-8321) or email

Company Name: Hughes Financial Services
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