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Suited for both casual, non-technical users as well as power users, TweakVista enables them to modify multitude of hidden or hard to access system settings of Microsoft® Windows Vista. Carbon Footprint feature shows actual amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, emitted each month by any PC. Users can adjust the way Windows handles security prompting including UAC (User Account Control), switch between different profiles, and control what programs are loading on start-up.

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The Ultimate Utility for Windows Vista Performance Optimization Now Available: Stardock's TweakVista

The Most Enhanced and Robust Tweaking Program for Windows Vista Now Available

PLYMOUTH, Mich., Aug. 21 / -- Users looking to get the most out of Windows Vista(TM) can now get TweakVista at TweakVista is a comprehensive utility that enables users to modify a multitude of hidden or hard to access system settings to maximize the performance and reliability of Microsoft® Windows Vista. The program, standalone for $19.95 or part of Object Desktop for $49.95, has been designed to allow both casual, non-technical users to safely use it as well as contain a host of advanced features for power users.

"What this program essentially does is breaks free of the constraints of Windows Vista," Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock explained. "It features easy one-click configuration changes that might otherwise be out of reach to the average user, and provides an in-depth level of configuration options to the power user who is able to dig deeper into the software for optimization and performance. All of the changes are easily rolled back, so you can't do permanent damage if you make a mistake."

Additionally, for those who are looking to become a little greener, TweakVista includes a Carbon Footprint feature that will actually show the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, emitted each month by your PC as well as the monthly electrical bill that results.

Wardell continues, "People can be spending upwards of twenty dollars per month simply running their computers and not even realizing that they spend less on their cable bills. It's about helping our consumers do their due diligence and making them more aware while giving them the configuration options they simply don't get with Vista."

The powerhouse software's full lineup includes features:

o Security Handling: Users can now easily and safely adjust the way
Windows handles security prompting including the new UAC (User Account
o Memory Optimization: TweakVista knows which start-up services different
types of users will typically use and offers recommendations on what
services to disable. Users can easily switch between different profiles
(including the default) based on their needs to maximize performance
and memory use. In addition, TweakVista now leverages Crucial(TM), a
system scanner to show the user how to upgrade their memory, linked
directly from our software to allow users to see what slots they have
open and what type of memory to buy.
o Resource Control: Tweak Vista has several features for keeping an eye
on and flagging programs that use excessive amounts of resources
(memory, CPU, or system handles) as well as integrating seamlessly with
built in hardware diagnostic reports.
o Start-Up Management: TweakVista not only will display and enable users
to control what programs are loading on start-up but will identify in
plain English what these programs do. Internet integration in the
software allows users to comment on these processes within the program
to one another.
o Performance Assessments: TweakVista uses the new Windows Vista
assessment features to benchmark nearly every aspect of a user's PC and
allow them to submit their results for comparison with other users of
similar or upgraded hardware.
o integration: TweakVista partners the software
development skills of Stardock with the on-going tweak expertise of to provide an ongoing live database of helpful tips
and tricks for maximizing the Windows Vista experience.

$19.95 stand-alone or $49.95 as part of Object Desktop
Developer: Stardock (
Partner: (

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Stardock is the world's leading developer of utilities that enhance the Windows experience. Its software is used by over 10 million people worldwide and has been licensed by trendsetting companies like NVIDIA, ATI, Blizzard Entertainment and Microsoft. Stardock operates, the premier portal for Windows enhancement, drawing more than 3 million unique visitors each month. Stardock is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. The company's website is

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