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WebSphere® Extended Deployment v6.0 extends capabilities of WebSphere platform with features that enable implementation of Business Grid - dynamic, goals-directed, environment for running mixed application types and workload patterns. Software creates on-demand infrastructure that spans transactional and long-running workloads. Integrated environment dynamically determines optimal allocation for pool of resources based on user-defined business goals.

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IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment V6.0 - Optimize Your Application Infrastructure with New Business Grid Capabilities

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WebSphere Extended Deployment V6.0 delivers the following new features:

Long-running workloads can now be dynamically processed within the WebSphere transactional environment, increasing efficiency and utilization.

Object Grid provides an object caching framework for quick and easy data sharing, improving application scalability and performance.

Application Edition Manager enables interruption-free deployment and management of application versions.

Flexible goals-directed workload management allows for more detailed request classification and routing according to business goals.

Enhanced visual operational and health monitoring enables proactive detection and correction of application and server issues.

Mixed server environment support enables intelligent workload routing and performance monitoring within heterogeneous server deployments.

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WebSphere® Extended Deployment V6.0 extends the capabilities of the WebSphere platform. These extended features enable the implementation of a Business Grid - a dynamic, goals-directed, high-performance environment for running mixed application types and workload patterns in WebSphere.

WebSphere Extended Deployment V6.0 creates an on demand infrastructure that spans both transactional and long-running workloads. This integrated environment dynamically determines how to optimally allocate a pool of resources based on customer-defined business goals. By supporting mixed application types and workload patterns, WebSphere Extended Deployment combines more efficient resource utilization with improved performance and scalability.

WebSphere Extended Deployment V6.0 offers:

New application types and workload patterns in WebSphere: Combine transactional and long-running workloads within WebSphere for more efficient use of application infrastructure resources.

Highly scalable and reliable transactional infrastructure: Optimize your data access for improved application performance and scalability.

Dynamic application deployment and operations: Maintain predictable quality of service throughout the application life cycle.

Flexible application administration: Improve the manageability of virtualized, heterogeneous environments through real-time insight into usage and health.

WebSphere Extended Deployment V6.0 is available with education and services offerings designed to help you optimize your application infrastructure. A QuickStart for WebSphere Extended Deployment services offering is included with purchases of 10 or more WebSphere Extended Deployment product licenses to help ensure successful solution deployment and accelerate your time-to-value. Additional services offerings can be customized to your specific needs, business goals, and IT requirements. For more information on these services, refer to the Planning information section.

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Key prerequisites

WebSphere Extended Deployment is supported on multiple platforms.

Planned availability date

July 29, 2005 (electronic software delivery)

August 30, 2005 (media and documentation)

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