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Based on artificial intelligence technology, Exsys Selector(TM) provides web-based interaction with customers, and through logical analysis, offers product recommendations based on each customer's specific requirements. It uses expert sales knowledge captured in system to evaluate how well each product matches customer's needs. Detailed report can automatically be generated for each product on how it meets, or differs, from customer's requests.

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New Software Tool Allows E-Commerce Sites to Offer Expert Advice to Support On-Line Purchases

Exsys Selector Provides a Competitive Edge by Helping Online Consumers with Complex Buying Decisions

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., March 14 / -- A new software product from Exsys Inc. gives Web designers and marketing professionals a quick and easy way to integrate the expert product knowledge of a top salesperson into e-commerce sites.

Based on artificial intelligence technology, Exsys Selector(TM) provides interaction with customers, and through logical analysis, provides product recommendations based on each customer's specific requirements.

One of the most common problems in e-commerce is when customers must select from among similar products. The typical online solution is to provide lots of product information and specs; then customers have to read it, understand it and make their own decision. In practice, most customers would rather talk to a top salesperson to get advice on what is right for them. Selector systems emulate that conversation through a Web-based interactive session that asks questions, analyzes applicable products and produces individualized recommendations.

"Harnessing the power of expert systems for Web applications can significantly improve the customer experience at a Web site," said Jonathan B. Spira, CEO and chief analyst at Basex, a research firm that monitors this area. "Tools such as Exsys Selector simplify customer interaction and provide the customer with better and more accurate information than the more commonly deployed search tools found on most Web sites."

Selector is particularly effective for complex products that may be confusing to customers where there are many competing factors to consider. Also, unlike database approaches to product selection, it always finds and recommends the best product, even when all customer requirements do not match up precisely. "With other systems, if you enter that you want to spend under $400, they won't show you a product priced at $401, even if it fits every other criteria perfectly," said Dustin Huntington, president, Exsys Inc. "Selector, on the other hand, will recognize that the difference is minor and recommend the best product, even when all the customer's requests cannot be met."

Selector uses expert sales knowledge captured in the system to evaluate how well each product matches a customer's needs. It ranks the various factors to find the best products overall. A detailed report can automatically be generated for each product on how it meets, or differs, from the customer's requests.

Selector is based on expert system technology and is driven by the powerful and widely used Exsys Inference Engine, which has been used to field thousands of knowledge automation advisory systems. The Selector development interface makes it very easy for product experts and web designers to build systems that can be directly integrated into existing e-commerce web sites. Selector has a unique spreadsheet developer environment, a learning curve of only a few hours and can be mastered by following a simple tutorial.

Product data, like features and pricing are stored in a spreadsheet file or database, allowing it to be easily updated and maintained as items are added or changed. Selector systems can have direct access to inventory data and corporate databases, easily integrate into existing e-commerce sites and link to shopping carts.

"More people and businesses are primarily shopping on e-commerce Web sites, but for complex purchasing decisions, the uncertainty and confusion about which product is best for them delays or even prevents sales," said Mr. Huntington. "Online customers do not want to search through a lot of product specs in order to determine which product or model is right for them. What they really want is an informed recommendation tailored just for them -- like a one-on-one conversation with a knowledgeable salesperson; but with the speed, flexibility and convenience that only the Internet can offer. Exsys Selector enhances customer service and speeds up online transactions by automatically providing that advice any time they want it."

Selector has been successfully implemented by a variety of companies including BOC Gas, the worldwide industrial gases, vacuum and abatement technologies and distribution services company. "We chose Selector to help us build an expert system for our Web site to assist staff with product recommendations for their customers," says Danny Perri, business process consultant, BOC Gas. "Within hours, we had learned how to use it and built a system, which is now helping our sales force recommend the right welding equipment."

To see how Selector works, Web designers and marketers can visit to see several sample systems. They advise on cell phone selection, recommend the best Caribbean islands to visit based on specific travel wishes, and helps potential pet owners choose the right dog breed for their lifestyle. A downloadable evaluation copy of Selector is also available on

Selector is the first in a new Exsys RuleBook Suite of specialized Web- based expert systems products from Exsys. Selector itself is available immediately for a one-user price of $2,999, which includes a deployment license to run systems online and a full-year of software upgrades and technical support. For more information including multi-user discounts, contact Matt Bodenner, sales specialist, at

About Exsys Inc.
Exsys(R) Inc. ( is a leading developer of knowledge automation expert system software. Founded in 1983, the company's expert systems bridge the information gap between data analytics and real world business needs. These systems emulate a one-on-one conversation with a human expert to provide precise answers for each individual question. Exsys' expert systems provide the "brains" for virtual representatives on the Web; automate customer support; provide smart answers to customers making purchasing decisions; ensure regulations are followed consistently; perform background filtering; analyze data streams and provide unique online interactions.

Exsys, Corvid and RuleBook are registered trademarks and Exsys Selector is a trademark of Exsys Inc. All other trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

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