Software helps install and control service robots.

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With Mobile Robots Training Factory, users can customize robots to work in labs, factories, hospitals, and offices. Software lets non-programmers train robots to do specific jobs in specific workplaces with no programming required. Manufacturing robots can be trained to drive fast, honk at obstructions, and notify boss should obstructions continue to block way. Security robots can be instructed to check for open doors and to respond aggressively to intruders.

Original Press Release:

MobileRobots Trains Automated Assistants to "Wear the Right Hat"

First Robotics Software Application for Installing and Controlling Service Robots

Amherst, NH, US - MobileRobots Inc today announced the release of Mobile Robots
Training Factory, the first commercial software for quickly customizing robots to work
in labs, factories, hospitals and offices. The revolutionary software lets nonprogrammers train robots to do specific jobs in specific workplaces in minutes, with
no programming required.

The cover of the software CD displays various robots lining up to be fitted with
hats. William Kennedy, PhD, CTO of MobileRobots Inc, explains why. "We say that
Training Factory teaches the robot to "wear the right hat" for the job." People can
instruct their robotic assistant where to go, when to go there and what to do when it
gets there. They can also tell the robot how to behave appropriately in a particular
work environment.

For example, manufacturing robots can be trained to drive fast, honk at obstructions and notify their boss within seconds should obstructions continue to block their way. Hospital robots, on the other hand, can be taught to drive slowly, request politely that passersby clear a path, and only call a supervisor if their medical specimens are in danger of expiring. Security robots can be instructed to check for open doors and to respond aggressively to intruders-all with the same Training Factory software. Once one robot is trained, any similarly equipped robot in the fleet can perform the same tasks.

MobileRobots Training Factory evolved from decades of research by the artificial intelligence community and six years of R&D by MobileRobots Inc. Training Factory lets engineers, integrators, robot manufacturers and roboticists focus on solving problems, instead of programming robots from scratch.

Training Factory is compatible with all platforms with MOBILEROBOTSinside(TM), including the ADAM robot from RMT Robotics, the RoboSentry from Cypress Computer Systems, the RoboCourier from Mopec and MobileRobots own PatrolBot robots. MOBILEROBOTSinside is an advanced autonomous indoor service robot control system used by a growing number of service robot companies. Platforms with MOBILEROBOTSinside can be operated individually, through a central server and from third party software via a simple command language.

Established in 1995, MobileRobots Inc is a global leader in autonomous mobile
robots, with thousands of robots sold. Its 25,000 sq ft facility for R&D, manufacturing
and administration is located in Amherst, NH in the US. Customers include: Amgen,
BAE, H-P, Hitachi, Honda, Intel, John Deere, Lockheed-Martin, Microsoft, SAIC,
Siemens, US Army and US Navy.

For more information:
Contact: D. Doran, +1 603-881-7960 x104,
MobileRobots Inc, 19 Columbia Dr., Amherst, NH 03031 US
MobileRobots Training Factory Software CD
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