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Along with legal decision support capabilities, Mimosa NearPoint Tiered Storage Option(TM) (TSO) provides immediate email and file system archiving, eDiscovery, content alerts, recovery, disaster recovery, and storage management in single solution. It helps legal staff in decision making by allowing users to place individual items on legal hold in archive based on advanced analytics such as clustering of conversation threads and views across content types.

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Mimosa Expedites eDiscovery by Enhancing Existing Legal Decision Support Capabilities with New Tiered Storage Option

Mimosa TSO Addresses Surge in Email and File Content to Deliver On-Demand Rapid Access to Intelligent Archive to Reduce Risk and Management Costs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 21 - Mimosa Systems, a leader in Live Content Archiving solutions, today announced that it is helping customers expedite eDiscovery by augmenting existing early case assessment (ECA) capabilities with the new Mimosa NearPoint Tiered Storage Option(TM) (TSO). Customers already leverage NearPoint for legal decision support, making use of the fact that NearPoint is the only email archive vendor offering full Exchange data capture via continuous application shadowing. With full content capture, organizations can assess their cases quicker and with more confidence.

With archived file and email data projected to grow 55 percent CAGR and 73 percent CAGR respectively from 2007 to 2012(1), both storage costs and the operational burdens to manage this volume will be significant. Electronic discovery and information search of the corporate archive are necessitating faster access in order to meet litigation requests and business objectives surrounding information retention and availability. Mimosa Systems is the first to deliver on-demand access to its massively scalable live content archive while decelerating both capital and operational expenses to meet this growing industry demand.

"There are plenty of tools available to help customers manage storage resources, develop an electronic records management program and even assist with electronic discovery," said Brian Babineau, senior analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group. "Mimosa NearPoint TSO consolidates these tasks and makes it very easy for IT to control storage costs while supporting their legal and compliance teams. With one solution, organizations can easily centralize files and email from multiple locations, index them for search and then set the retention and migration policies based on constantly changing corporate requirements - all while storing the information on the most economical storage infrastructure."

Organizations today need a proactive approach to ECA to reduce eDiscovery costs and deal with issues of proportionality. If legal review within eDiscovery is going to cost $5 million for a case that can be settled for $100,000 it is important to be able to make that decision quickly. With Mimosa NearPoint, legal staff can make intelligent, rapid fire decisions and place individual items on legal hold in the archive based on advanced analytics such as clustering of conversation threads, and views across content types (e.g. calendar invites to determine when the meeting called) to ensure the right decisions are made quickly.

By adding the Mimosa TSO module to an enterprise's existing NearPoint archive, IT and legal stakeholders have the power of intelligent provisioning of content to multiple tiers of storage within the archive to further speed eDiscovery review by staging potentially responsive data on high-speed disk so that content is highly available to legal review staff. This speeds eDiscovery while reducing risk and decreasing cost of review. In addition, customers can designate the content on legal hold if needed for a specific matter to be migrated to immutable storage, such as the HCAP device from Mimosa Partner Hitachi Data Systems.

"Intelligent archive management is a response to a clear need in the marketplace and Mimosa's Tiered Storage solution is a perfect complement to the Hitachi Content Archive Platform (HCAP) and Hitachi Network Attached Storage (NAS) offerings," said Marc Trimuschat, senior director, Global Business Development and Alliances, Hitachi Data Systems. "The sheer volume of enterprise information places an incredible burden on a organization's messaging and storage infrastructure. And the need to meet stringent legal discovery and regulatory retention and disclosure requirements, while scaling economically, presents further challenges for content management, now a mission-critical part of the IT infrastructure."

"The demands of eDiscovery and litigation hold require that organizations be able to make legal decisions quickly in order to minimize costs," said Scott Whitney, vice president of product management for Mimosa Systems. "As the volume of archived content increases, searching these archives when eDiscovery needs arise can be a significant undertaking. Mimosa TSO includes significant technology advances that speed the search process so that legal teams can more effectively perform early case assessments and rapid discovery reviews, while keeping storage costs and information accessibility in balance."

Introduced on October 15, 2008, Mimosa NearPoint TSO is the latest option available for NearPoint, the next generation content archiving solution for immediate email and file system archiving, eDiscovery, content alerts, recovery, disaster recovery and storage management in a single solution.

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About Mimosa NearPoint
Mimosa NearPoint addresses critical customer requirements around content archiving, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, supervision, business continuity, and storage optimization in a unified solution. Mimosa NearPoint provides legal search workflow, item-level legal holds, immediate mailbox and message recovery, disaster recovery, email, instant message and file archiving, and self-service search and access in one solution. By leveraging cost-effective storage and advanced classification rules, NearPoint also optimizes content storage and reduces overall infrastructure costs.

About Mimosa
Mimosa Systems, Inc. delivers next-generation content archiving solutions for information immediacy, discovery, and continuity. Mimosa NearPoint is the industry's most comprehensive unstructured information management software solution for email, files, and instant messages, enabling archiving, eDiscovery, storage management, and recovery in a unified solution. Mimosa is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recognized for its competencies in networking infrastructure solutions, ISV/software solutions, and advanced infrastructure solutions. Mimosa was founded in 2003 and is based in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Australia, and India.

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