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Using COULOMB 3D Electric Field Solver v7.0, engineers can calculate electric field strength, transmission line parameters, and capacitance. Parametric solvers allow designers to automatically vary and experiment with geometry, materials, and sources. Software includes self-adaptive 3D Finite Element Method, commands for Geometry Define Surfaces On Plane and Define Planar Surface, and Scale Periodic Length for Periodic model when Parametric Geometry Scale is used.

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Integrated Launches Enhanced Version of Its Coulomb 3D Electric Field Solver

Version 7.0 will enable engineers to further speed up product development

Winnipeg, Canada, 25 February, 2009 - INTEGRATED Engineering Software, a leading developer of hybrid simulation tools for electromagnetic, thermal and structural design analysis, has launched an enhanced version of its COULOMB 3D electric field solver software. Fast and accurate, COULOMB's calculations include electric field strength, transmission line parameters and capacitance. It is suitable for applications such as high voltage shielding, transformers, insulators and bushings, transmission lines and lightning arresters.

COULOMB has always offered a successful integration of an effective calculating method with accuracy and an engineer-oriented approach. Powerful parametric solvers allow designers to automatically vary and experiment with geometry, materials and sources - reducing the tedious, repetitive task of fine-tuning multiple design parameters. Version 7.0 of the software includes features such as self adaptive 3D Finite Element Method and a better use of memory. The self-adaptive 3D FEM feature has been significantly enhanced, it is now quicker to converge with less iterations. The only practical limitation for this feature is the amount of RAM available on the workstation. The program can now solve larger FEM problems up to 10 times faster than previously.

Bruce Klimpke, Technical Director at INTEGRATED commented, "We are constantly examining our products for ways in which to help designers use our software more effectively in order to speed up the design process. In these tough economic times it is more important than ever to get a product, which you are confident with, to market as quickly as possible. Modeling enables designers to do this. Version 7.0 offers significant improvements, which further simplifies the modeling process."

Other new features include the commands for Geometry Define Surfaces On Plane and Define Planar Surface. These commands will help the user to define surfaces on a plane during geometry construction. There is also a new Scale Periodic Length for the Periodic model when the Parametric Geometry Scale is used, giving the user the option to scale the periodic length along with the parametric geometry. A new variable 'L' (which stands for 'length') has been added to the command line parser. This will allow users to type 'L' to substitute the length for the segment as an input for the next command prompt. The rotate, copy and repeat functions have been sped up in 3D by approximately four times, improving the amount of time the designer needs to spend in the modeling process. There is also new support available to enable or disable visibility for FEM bounding box, making the BEM 3D bounding box transparent. In addition, new hot keys will mean the user need not get out of a command in order to change the work plane depth.

The updated version of COULOMB is available now. Live, interactive demonstrations of the product are available on INTEGRATED's website -

About INTEGRATED Engineering Software

INTEGRATED Engineering Software is a leading developer of hybrid simulation tools for electromagnetic, thermal and structural design analysis. Founded in 1984, INTEGRATED provides a complete line of fully integrated 2 and 3 dimensional simulation software. Easy to use, INTEGRATED's products allow engineers and scientists to design, simulate and optimize complex electromagnetic devices and systems on a computer before building a physical prototype, avoiding costly mistakes during manufacturing. It allows companies to reduce design time and costs, spend less money on expensive prototypes, improve product performance, decrease time to market and ultimately increase profitability. INTEGRATED pioneered the creation of the BEM field solver 25 years ago, and today, no one else in the market offers such a variety of field solvers with the same software packages.

The company provides its expertise in the electromagnetic, electromechanical and electrothermal analysis software field to the industrial, automotive, medical, telecommunications, power and aerospace markets. Its clients include industry heavyweights such as Alcatel, Mannesmann, Tyco, Siemens, Carl Zeiss and ABB.

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